This Is Your Life Motto, According To Your Zodiac Sign

77 Things Every Girl Must Do Before Settling Down

1. Go on an unplanned road trip. No plans, no expectations. Just the open road and a full tank of gas.

2. Go on a blind date.

3. Kill a bad habit.

4. Go a few days without checking your cell phone.

5. Go to the movies by yourself.

6. Go camping. I mean, REAL camping. No RV, port-a-potty. Just you and the wild wilderness.

7. Visit a place you’ve always wanted to explore.

8. Learn how to be patient.

9. Book a one-way flight somewhere and figure out the rest once you get there.

10. Kiss in the rain.

11. Dance like nobody is watching. (Even if they are.)

12. Take a million pictures and post them all.

13. Be someone’s shoulder to cry on.

14. Go to a concert.

15. Learn a different language.

16. Kiss a complete stranger in public.

17. Make the first move on someone.

18. Relive parts of your childhood.

19. Try couponing.

20. Live alone.

21. Learn how to budget your money properly.

22. Have a one night stand.

23. Dance on the bar.

24. Volunteer your time.

25. Swim in the ocean.

26. Go outside. As often and for as long as you possibly can.

27. Let yourself feel emotions and express them.

28. Give someone in your life a second chance.

29. Take a risk that you’re afraid of taking.

30. Get your heart broken.

31. Break someone else’s heart.

32. Drink a bottle of wine in your PJs.

33. Discover your passions and explore them.

34. Pick someone’s brain.

35. Give a homeless person money.

36. Give someone advice.

37. Skydive.

38. Pay it forward.

39. Climb a mountain.

40. Learn to ski or snowboard.

41. Learn how to truly listen.

42. Have a 24 hour movie-a-thon.

43. Learn how to cook. And, no, ramen noodles don’t count.

44. Organize your closet.

45. Skinny dip.

46. Go on a guilt-free shopping spree and spoil yourself.

47. Do something that you swore you’d never try.

48. Read a book. Cover to cover. Just because you can.

49. Ride the train.

50. Learn how to drive a manual.

51. Buy yourself flowers.

52. Keep a journal or diary.

53. Take yourself out to dinner.

54. Visit a National Park.

55. Take a scenic drive up the coast.

56. Go on a guided tour someplace you’ve never been before.

57. Download a dating app.

58. Call your parents as often as you can.

59. Quit a job that stresses you out.

60. Date someone you normally wouldn’t.

61. Try hot yoga.

62. Ask for help when you really need it.

63. Learn how to fight fair.

64. And how to quit holding grudges.

65. Try something new.

66. Take care of your body.

67. Pull an all nighter even though you have work in the morning.

68. Learn how to salsa dance.

69. Learn about your family history.

70. Watch the sunrise from the top of a mountain.

71. Have a deep conversation with a stranger at the bar.

72. Ride a bike through the city.

73. Go on a solo hike.

74. Face a fear.

75. Cut ties with a toxic person.

76. Try new foods.

77. Learn how to love yourself in every way possible. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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