Here’s Everything The Cancer In Your Life Wishes You Understood

what it's like to be a cancer
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Cancers are old souls. They are known as being overly emotional as they tend to feel things much more deeply than others do. However, Cancers are exceptionally skilled at hiding that depth. They guard their hearts in order to protect themselves from getting hurt. Cancers are known as being soft and sensitive. They tend to take even the smallest things to heart, because their heart is so fragile and big. Cancers are also highly aggressive. They know exactly how to get what they want, when they want it.

Cancers are highly intuitive. They use their intuition to read people like a book. They are also extremely self aware. They might be different from the crowd, but they know that they were never made to fit in. They like to live life by their own rules, and they could care less what that looks like to anyone else. Cancers are very private people. They prefer to live their life “behind the scenes” rather than out in the spotlight. They come across as being somewhat mysterious, which makes it rather difficult for others to fully understand what’s going on in their head. Their mysteriousness is alluring and it draws people in.

Cancers don’t ‘half ass’ things, especially when it comes to romance. They love passionately and they love deeply. And they will always expect the same type of affection from their partner. When in a relationship, Cancers make incredibly intense and passionate partners. They have a hard time finding someone they connect with on both a mental and physical level. That’s because Cancers crave a deeper kind of connection that most people cannot provide. Cancers are less interested in engaging in short-term flings and instead crave the intimacy and closeness that comes along with a longer-term commitment. They have absolutely no problem being on their own, so they will take their time to find the right person for them. Once they do find that special person, they pour everything they have and more into the relationship. Cancers fear rejection. Because they naturally are so emotionally sensitive, their big heart rarely ever feels entirely full. They constantly are in a state of worry that they will never find their perfect match.

Cancers are in touch with every facet of their heart and the warmth it radiates. They always try their best to see the good in the people surrounding them, which can sometimes get them in trouble. Cancers wear their hearts on their sleeve, they are vulnerable by nature, and they will open up their caring heart to anyone that’s in need. Cancers truly are an incomparable breed. They are a kindhearted, passionate, umbrageous mixture of fire and ice. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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