The Beautiful And Ugly Truth About Soulmates


We are told that our soulmate is someone our soul belongs to, and we’re forced to believe that we’re somehow destined to be with that person. These are the relationships we learn the most from because of their illusive, lustful nature. Sometimes the relationship becomes obsessive, controlling and possessive. It become an addiction, always knowing exactly how to hit our highs and lows of passionate emotion.

I always wondered what it would be like to find my ‘soulmate’, until I finally did. And eventually, it all came crashing down.

I was stuck on the idea that this is it; I found my person, so now what? I learned the hard way, that popular to the contrary, sometimes we don’t end up with our soulmate. Maybe that person isn’t capable of staying in our lives forever due to certain circumstances. Maybe the love was incapable of growing any further than it already had. But, the lessons they instill in us are ones that help us better understand ourselves.

We’ve forsaken truth of it all, is that we aren’t always going to end up with our soulmate.

And maybe those relationships are really just disguised as lessons we’re forced to learn as time goes on.

Maybe our soulmates are supposed to teach us how to love with everything we have, and then how to gather enough strength to pick up the pieces by ourselves after it’s all said and done.

Maybe our soulmates are meant to show us that we are whole on our own. Maybe the purpose of a soulmate isn’t solely about finding someone to build a life with. Maybe it’s about finding someone to share yourself with, and someone that makes you feel a little less alone in this world. Maybe a soulmate is meant to tear down the walls you’ve built, and teach you new things about yourself in ways you never imagined possible. Maybe a soulmate is supposed to challenge you to be the best version of yourself every single day, while still loving you, unconditionally, for the hot mess that you are.

Maybe your soulmate isn’t designed to compete you, they empower you to complete yourself. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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