Watch This Girl Ask 100 Guys To Have Sex With Her


What a crazy experiment. This woman walks up to a 100 guys and asks them if they want to have sex with her. Hilarity and social awkwardness ensues. Then in a classic role reversal, a man asks 100 women if they would have sex with him.

Woman Asks 100 Men For Sex

Man Asks 100 Women For Sex

This is so classic. My mind is blown at the results. So interesting and telling to compare and contrast the different sexes responses here. TC mark

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  • timothy Leeb, Tim Leeb

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    I one time when I was around 18 and living in Manhattan, walked 90 blocks, dressed well in couture, well educated, and well spoken as I was already a broker on wall St. It’s funny because I asked 100 random women one question: VERBATIM: I’m horn, want to have sex and then never see each other again. Out of 100, ten said yes. Some less direct then others but I got hit once in the face by a woman and once by a BF. 10 percent is still pretty good though.

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    So if a girl asks for sex from 100 guys, there is a 50% chance that these guys will say yes. If a guy asks for sex from 100 girls, there is a 0% chance any of these girls will say yes.. Whether or not the guy is hot.

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    Watch This Girl Ask 100 Guys To Have Sex With Her | Thought Catalog

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