10 Reasons Why Men Are The Superior Sex

Male supremacy is real. Women are docile creatures designed be controlled by men. Powerful women? They’re called dykes, that is, women imitating the male biological/cultural configuration. Truth! Here’s ten reasons to celebrate your male pride.

1. Pissing sucks for women. It’s so easy for me to pee anywhere. Just pull it out, and let it stream. Must be awful to always have to sit and squat. That’s bad design right there, Mr. God.

2. Periods. What a waste of time! To have remove this thing from your insides filled with blood every month or so. Sucks. Glad my body doesn’t do that, saves a lot of time.

3. Sexual dimorphism

Guess which one is the male bitches!!!

Guess which one is the male bitches!!! Yeah, sexual dimorphism.

4. Why are you so insecure? Why do you need all that makeup girl? I’ve never worn makeup in my life and I’m completely fine. Feel bad that you don’t have male privilege. Wish I could revisit history and bestow you with all the confidence that comes from male privilege.

5. Not being able to penetrate and be penetrated. That’s really sad. Both are pleasant and women can only experience one of the two. Strap-ons really don’t do it justice. Perhaps technology will advance someday that they can experience it. But right now: men are winning in the bed department.

6. When I went to college, my focus was on learning. And learning alone: math, physics, history, politics, literature, etc. But for many women they don’t have that privilege. They can’t just learn for learning’s sake, they have to politicize academia via feminism. Which is great but also sucks: they’re missing out on the pleasure of the life of the mind. It’s all revolution! And not enough – well, just learning.

7. Women get cat called all the time. I can go anywhere and feel like a ghost – an invisible thing, not an object. Women don’t have that privilege, unless they wear a burka.

8. Statically speaking, people with vaginas have less testosterone than people with cocks. Testosterone is a wonderful chemical and it sucks that women, statistically, don’t have that much of it.

9. Boobs. I mean, boobs are great fun and miraculous, but uh, I can’t imagine how much work it is to have to carry those things around all day, especially when you’re running or trying to do something athletic.

10.THIS TUCKER MAX QUOTE: “My grandfather put it to me this way: If a key opens lots of locks, then it’s a master key. But if a lock is opened by lots of keys, then it’s a shitty lock.” #PHYSIOLOGICALTRUTH. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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