Why Your Relationship With God Is The Most Important Relationship You’ll Ever Have

I have always felt connected to a higher power. Something beyond me, a divine source that I will never be able to fully understand, but that I can try to as long a I am here. Whatever God may mean to you, I encourage you to search, question and communicate with that power. Faith has always been a sensitive topic for me. I have had my low points, my hesitant moments, and I still have never- ending questions about the universe. Yet nothing personally gets me through it except for my curiosity and faith in the unknown and all its possibilities.

Faith is a feeling that you either get or your don’t, and in my case, I can’t help but feel and believe in something completely outside of my sight. Each individual walks the road of formulating their beliefs and faith based on different terms and situations, each with a unique individual relationship with this higher power. I find that our connection with the divine is the most important relationship one can have throughout their lifetime. Having a relationship with God and communicating with him helps you transcend and look beyond yourself and those around you. It helps you look for guidance from that very source that originally connects us all.

My relationship with God helps me feel supported throughout all my other worldly relationships. I believe in the power of communicating with God, telling him what’s on your mind, asking questions, asking for signs and bettering our hearts and minds. I believe in walking towards this devine power and not away. I say this because, when I communicate with God, when I truly open my heart to God, I feel a shift in myself. I feel more centered, more peaceful, more loving, more organized and lighter. Active communication with God purifies the soul. Active questions receive active answers. This is how I choose to live my life, believing that I have got all the tools and materials to live it. Not only the guidance of other humans but the guidance of a power that is far greater and more intelligent and that proved to be by my side when I needed that guidance and help.

The reason why a close relationship with God is so important and special is because God is outside of your physical everyday life. He is outside of the picture, like a beautiful light preserved for you when you need it and will always remain that way despite the twists and turns that may happen with anything and everyone else. All it takes is reaching out. All it takes is wanting to have it.

Having a relationship with God helps you have the space to fully understand your feelings, needs, and desires without having to feel ashamed and shy of what you are wondering about or asking for. Imagine tuning in to yourself everyday, communicating with God, trying to connect with yourself as well as everything that does not speak your language, trying to connect with all the immense beauty around you. Perhaps our relationship with the divine gives us the strength to carry on, to allow a new type of love, to always question, wonder and to always understand the world and ourselves a little more. Our relationship with God has no limits and no restrictions. It allows us to free ourselves and make it home.