Take The Jump, Even When It's Terrifying

Take The Jump, Even When It’s Terrifying

We all have a list of wishes at the back of our minds. We all hope to become better humans and live our lives to the fullest. We dream of achieving and experiencing certain things, be it traveling to certain places, having a certain job, being surrounded by like-minded and inspiring people, or volunteering for a cause. I think that deep down, each one of us wants to make their lives and the lives of others worth living. At least, I know I do.

It is okay to have hopes and dreams that range from small to very big. I know that going for new experiences and changing the course of our normal routine can be really scary. Yet with that fear comes this excitement of knowing we might feel a little more challenged, stimulated and alive if we take that leap of faith. We are meant to experience different things in life, grow and develop into someone who is more fulfilled and better, yet it takes courage to do that.

It takes courage to approach the unknown and all its risks. It takes courage to live the life that you want. It takes courage to numb all the negative monstrous thoughts that surround you about everything that could go wrong if you take that jump. It takes courage to believe that you deserve something beyond what you can reach at this specific moment. I am here to encourage you and to tell you to take the baby steps that could help you get headed in the direction of where you would like to be, whatever these baby steps may look like.

I am here to remind you that you deserve the dreams that you have as long as you are willing to put in the work and face the potential roller coaster of emotions that comes with that work and growth. I know it is hard for you to let go of your current security and comfort. Our brains are obsessed with keeping us safe, under control and in our comfort zone. Yet, if you never try something new and go for the life you want, wouldn’t you start becoming stuck in a life that no longer fills you with wonder, lessons, and excitement? Think of life as levels of beauty that you get to unlock. Each level has its pain, wonder, and ultimate lesson but you need to let go and jump onto to the next level which would be richer and more rewarding. You are a project from the day you are born until the day you die. What do you want to have experienced and contributed by the end of your journey? Everything changes when you have truly thought about this question.

Take the jump if your heart reminds you that this what you long for. Take the jump if you are going to regret not trying. Take the jump if you feel it is going to help you achieve your potential. Take the jump if it is going to help you respect yourself more. Challenge and encourage yourself, even if no one is there to do it for you, for you have so much to offer and your growth is limitless.

I encourage you to take the jump, and when you do, make the most of it. Face the challenges, absorb the lessons until you climb a mountain of your wonderful creation so that when you look back, you can proudly say, “Oh, how I have lived.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark