9 Stalkers Who Make Joe From 'You' Look Like A Goddamn Angel

9 Stalkers Who Make Joe From ‘You’ Look Like A Goddamn Angel

Of course, we’re all obsessed with Penn Badley, but not in like a deadly stalker kind of way, not like the character Joe he plays in You. If you’ve watched the series, you were shocked by every person he killed, growing terrified the more you learned about him. The more Joe rationalized his psychotic behavior, the audience quickly realized there wasn’t a line he wouldn’t cross. But that was a television series. If that show freaked you out, get yourself ready to watch Netflix’s Stalkers Who Kill which details 9 real-life “Joe” and “Beck” stalker situations who ultimately killed their obsessions.

1. Vikramgit Singh (Wandsworth, England)

Vikramgit Singh became obsessed with his ex, Gemma Dorman after a brief relationship. She moved on, and he did the opposite, which included getting a large heart tattooed on his back with her name inside. Vikramgit’s infatuation grew as he began to stalk Gemma, nearly 24/7. When she started to notice him following her along with hundreds of text-messages she’d get from him, she and her mother informed the police. He persisted, but she did everything to move on with her life. When Gemma got engaged, it was too much for Vikramgit to handle. One night, while Gemma was out to dinner with her fiancé, Vikramgit made his move and brutally stabbed her repeatedly with a 7.5-inch kitchen knife. Gemma was 24 years old. Showing no remorse in the courtroom, he read a love letter to Gemma which included the words:

“Fish can’t live without water. I can’t live without you.”

Vikramgit Singh was sentenced to life in prison.

2. Roshan Shah (Arlington, Texas)

Roshan Shah met Linda Villanueva-Rodriguez at church. When she didn’t return his feelings, he began to stalk her both at work and outside her home. One day, he dropped off a single rose at her work with a note that read:


He grew angry with rejection and even slashed her tires one day. When Shah learned of Linda’s boyfriend, he purchased a gun and waited outside her apartment until she arrived home. He fatally shot her once in the head, only two days after Linda’s 22nd birthday. Roshan Shah was sentenced to life in prison.

3. Paweł Kuśnierz (Sierdaz, Poland)

24-year-old Pawel Kuśnierz became obsessed with his teenage ex-girlfriend, Agata. After her family expressed that they didn’t approve of the relationship, Agata broke up with Pawel, and he began to fixate on her family. The dynamic changed fast as Pawel refused to accept the break-up and began to harass Agata’s parents and sister. He sent a photo to all of them with a bloodied hand after cutting himself, saying that he would kill himself if he couldn’t be with Agata. Then he sent a text to Agata revealing that he plans to rape her, her mother, and her sister. The text ended with a smiley face. Eventually, he broke into Agata’s home and stabbed her eleven times, so ferociously that at one point, the blade of the bayonet got stuck inside of her skull. He intended to kill the rest of her family, but instead fled the scene, as she lay in a pool of her own blood, still technically alive. He went to prison and turned himself in. Agata was rushed to a hospital, where they made every effort to save her life, but were unsuccessful. She was 18 years old. Pawel was sentenced to life in prison.

4. William Gardner III (Sacramento, California)

William Gardner III couldn’t accept when Leslie Pinkston told him there relationship was over. William began harassing Leslie sending several threatening text messages which led to smashing her car windows and throwing a lawn chair through the front window of the car. A domestic violence conviction sentenced William to 24 days in prison, where he placed more than 1,000 collect calls to Leslie. After his release, it took him less than two hours to get hold of a gun, break into the backseat of her car and wait. He fatally shot Leslie, who was 32 years old. William Garder III was sentenced to life in prison.

5. Lewis Daynes (Essex, England)

19-year old Lewis Daynes enticed 14-year old Breck Bednar into an online relationship. The two boys met on a gaming website, which allowed them to speak through a telephone conference call feature on the site. Daynes gradually turned Bednar against his own family until luring him to finally meet in person. Evidence proved that after sexual activity, Daynes slashed the young teen’s throat in a “sexual and sadistic” attack. Lewis Daynes was sentenced to life in prison.

6. John McFarlane (Suffolk, England)

Killing was just another day at work for farm-slaughterman John McFarlane. He became obsessed with fitness instructor Mary Griffiths although she rejected every advance he made. He persisted on even after she told him he was delusional. After writing a Facebook status that read:

“They say there’s nothing worse than a woman scorned, well watch this space. If someone rips out your heart and stomps on it, then they deserve the same,”

McFarlane broke into Griffiths home. He cut the electricity, and then dragged Mary from her bed so that he could execute her with a cattle gun in front of her 10 and 13-year-old daughters. The girls unsuccessfully tried to fight him off. Their mother Mary was 38 years old. John McFarlane was sentenced to life in prison.

7. Marcus Dee (Chicago, Illinois)

Marcus Dee and Nadia Ezaldein were young and in love until they weren’t. While Nadia was studying law at The University of Chicago, she dated Marcus for a short time. After Nadia broke up with him, he stalked her for several months. After nearly a year of rejection, Marcus took matters into his own hands and gunned down ex-girlfriend Nadia while she was working at a Nordstrom’s on Black Friday. Immediately after, 31-year old Marcus killed himself. Nadia was 22 years old.

8. Roger Troy (Orange County, Florida)

61-year old Roger Troy became obsessed with his Hooters waitress, 23-year old Alissa Blanton. After she wouldn’t return his interest, he stalked her for two years. A week before she was murdered, the court denied her request for an order of protection against Troy. She knew she was in danger. Her claim included more than 70 pages of harassing emails he had sent her over the last couple of years, and still, Judge Dean Moxley said he didn’t have enough information to grant her legal protection. A week later Troy fatally shot Blanton in a parking lot and then killed himself.

9. Stephen Morgan (Middletown, Connecticut)

29-year-old Stephen P. Morgan and 21-year-old Johanna Justin-Jinich met during a summer course at New York University. He began to call repeatedly followed with 38 abusive and unwanted emails messages. He couldn’t let go although Johanna continued to ignore him, and moved onto Wesleyan University. Morgan disguised himself with a wig, cap, and sunglasses and then followed Johanna into her campus bookstore where he fatally shot her seven times. He escaped temporarily, joining the crowds outside without his disguise. It wasn’t until days later than he turned himself in. They found a notebook of his with a chilling entry that read:

Kill Johanna. She must Die.”

Morgan was acquitted after pleading insanity.

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