10 Clothing Items A Grown Woman (Who Wants To Be Taken Seriously) Should Never Wear Or Own

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Twenty20 / raragrace

Yes, we get it: You’re only as old as you feel. But that idea takes you only so far. At some point, you have to accept you’re an adult and start respecting yourself (and those you share company with) enough to act (and dress!) like one. Here are 10 things that no grown ass woman has any business wearing.

1. A tight dress with no support

Even if your body is toned, a “grown ass woman” should always invest in shape wear, says Stacey Brice, CEO of S. Brice Consulting, LLC., a firm specializing in image consulting and styling for executives and on-air news talent. Shape wear will make sure you look good in all the right places.

2. Any clothing to work that you’d wear to the club

As an adult, a woman should have the club wear separated from the work wear. This includes six inch heels and tight, form-fitting outfits.

3. Anything revealing cleavage, legs AND abs — all at the same time

Never wear something that exposes all three at the same time. If you wear a fingertip-length skirt, your top shouldn’t be too revealing, says Brice. If you’re showing cleavage, your bottom should be covered. Pick one and only one.

4. Anything with a logo on the back

That logo on your butt is a tricky proposition for any woman of any age, says lifestyle expert Megan O’Brien.

“Unless you have a pert, perfect gluteus maximus and are running off to sophomore biology, this item should be avoided at all costs. Soccer moms running around with PINK on their backside doesn’t look nearly as fetching, especially when the K doesn’t fit on your ass anymore. No, now it just rests on your upper thigh!” she says.

5. Pleated mini-skirts

Let’s leave that to tweens and teens.

“When you’re out of high school, it’s time to retire the look … unless it’s your Halloween homage to Britney Spears,” says style expert Alison Deyette.

6. Anything tie-dyed or torn

“You should know by now that getting silly braids and souvenir t-shirts like these on vacation from some warm weather destination is just that: silly AND stupid,” says Deyette. Don’t succumb; stick to solid or striped t-shirts.

7. Socks with heels

Socks with sneakers? Yes. But wearing socks with stilettos looks like you’re playing dress up in your mommy’s shoes, says Deyette.

8. Crop tops

“I don’t care if you have a rockin’ bod at 45! Leave a little mystery and stop competing with your daughter and trying to be a MILF. Find a dress that fits your body and we’ll all be jealous of how you’ve kept in great shape,” says Deyette.

9. Boots with fur

“We all know the song that played on every pop station in America that celebrated ‘the boots with the fur’ as basically the best thing ever. Lies! The vast majority of women wearing skin-tight jeans with fur-topped boots look like Siberian sausages versus supermodels,” says lifestyle expert Bryce Gruber. Let’s end this trend forever.

10. Leggings

“Listen, I know we all loved them when we were 16, and I know they’re comfortable, but enough. They’re not pants; they’re very clearly leggings. So stop wearing short shirts on leggings, stop trying to dress up leggings with jewelry and heels. Just stop. Take your leggings and throw them away. They’re only cute (and even this is questionable) on girls 10 and younger,” says Candace Hanna, a personal stylist.

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