Our Love Is A Love I Never Knew Existed

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Ryan Graybill

I never thought I would be loved—at least not in the way you love me. Before you, I mistook drama for passion. I thought it was normal to have to wonder if I was still wanted and I believed your significant other wasn’t meant to be your best friend.

Every previous thought I had ever had about love, before you, was wrong. I thought love destroyed people. I believed It washed over them like a wave in the ocean only to suck all the air out of them, and then it would eventually let them drown.

But that isn’t love—at least it isn’t our love.

Our love is smiling during the happy moments as much as it’s finding a reason to smile through the hard moments. Our love is laughing so hard we cry, and picking each other up when the world has knocked us down. Our love is tougher than life because our love can get through anything as long as it has the two of us.

Our love isn’t feeling nervous or butterflies taking flight in our stomach. Our love is feeling comfortable because we’re in the presence of our best friend. Our love is having a blast even when we’re doing absolutely nothing. Our love isn’t feeling alone even when we’re apart, but feeling alone together when we’re only with each other.

Our love isn’t in the progress of trying to change the other person into what we believe they should be—our love is accepting each other for who we are and loving each other despite our shortcomings. Our love doesn’t wonder, or demand. Our love is free.

Our love is talking for hours, and laughing over nothing. Our love is us wanting to know every single thing about each other and giving each other the time to share them. Our love is honest. Our love is real. Our love is feeling like we can be our authentic self, and still always feel safe. Our love lives on your chest, and is guarded by your arms.

Our love isn’t screaming hateful words at each other, and then calling it passion. Our love is never going to bed angry, and fighting for each other, but out of love, not hatred. Our love is figuring out the problem, and then fixing it. Even if it means that we will have to stay up until 4 o’clock in the morning to figure it out, we will.

Our love is beautiful even when it’s ugly, because even when those moments rear their ugly head, we stay.

Our love loves each other even when were hard to love, and we love each other even we might not like each other—because we know our love is worth it.

Our love isn’t a wave in the ocean that sucks you under only to let you drown. Our love is air, because our love helps us breathe even when life makes us feel like we can’t.

Our love is true love, and true love doesn’t leave. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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