Everything We Know So Far About ‘Halloween Kills’

Halloween is not Halloween without Halloween. Fans of the franchise have enjoyed decades of wondering how Michael doesn’t make a peep even when he’s being stabbed, and it’s not over yet! In July 2019, the two last Halloween movies were announced: Halloween Kills and Halloween Ends. This Halloween, Halloween Kills, the newest installation of the film series, will be released. To catch you up, the most recent reboot released in 2018 was set 40 years after the original. Laurie, her daughter Karen, and her granddaughter Allyson teamed up to face Michael together after he escaped from the facility where he was being held. They thought they killed him in a fire, but in true Halloween fashion, Michael is seen breathing at the end of the movie. This man refuses to die!

So what do we know so far about Laurie and Michael’s penultimate run-in?

The Release Date

Halloween Kills is set to release October 16, 2020. So far, there has been no word about whether or not it is going to be pushed due to the pandemic. The final movie, Halloween Ends, is set to release almost exactly a year later on October 15, 2021.

The Gang’s All Here

Jamie Lee Curtis is back, of course, but some old favorites will be returning as well. Both Lindsay and Tommy will be played by their original actors. Paul Rudd filled in for Anthony Michael Hall in Halloween 6, but this time, AMH will be reprising his role. Lindsay has not been seen since the first movie, but she will be back. James Jude Courtney and Nick Castle are signed on to play Michael. Karen and Allyson (Laurie’s daughter and granddaughter), Cameron (Allyson’s ex-boyfriend), Sheriffs Barker and Leigh Brackett, Nurse Marion Chambers, Lonnie (Cameron’s dad and the kid who bullied Tommy in 1978), and several other characters will all be played by the original actors as well. It’s like a little family reunion!

The House Is Back

Blumhouse confirmed on Twitter that the original Myers house will be shown in the film.

Something Big Is Going To Happen

It’s basically a given that the movie will be about Michael trying to kill some people and ultimately get to Jamie Lee Curtis where they will have to battle it out, but beyond that, the producers have been keeping the storyline under wraps. However, James Jude Courtney was on the podcast Pop Culture with Pat where he said that “the ante has been upped.” Halloween Kills is supposed to pick up where the 2018 Halloween left off, but it supposedly won’t be how we assume it will be.

Michael Finally Talks, And He’s British

Just kidding. But could you imagine?

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