30 Horror Movies To Stream On Netflix, Hulu, and Prime While You’re Social Distancing


Girl on the Third Floor

The neighbor says “this house brings out the worst in people,” and it’s way worse than you could ever imagine

The Autopsy of Jane Doe

A mysterious death in a nearby town causes a mortician and his son to work late. The body is perfect on the outside, but they discover the inside of her has been tortured and destroyed. How is this possible? Unfortunately, these men find out.


Josef is a man with terminally ill cancer who hires a videographer, Brice, to help him create a video diary for his son. One of these men are tortured on camera before ultimately meeting a gruesome death, and I’ll give you a hint: it’s not Josef.

The Endless

Two guys return to the doomsday cult that they grew up in, and something horrible seems to be controlling time and space.

Event Horizon

This sci-fi horror film has been an inspiration to horror film makers for the last two decades. A once lost spaceship is now found, and a team of astronauts must search it. It’s a mystery where the ship has been, and what the ship now has on board.


Two scam artists who fake hauntings in order to come “save” the family gets presented with their toughest case of hauntings: a real one.

Under the Skin

Scarlett Johanson lures men to their death with her sensuality. Seems like a usual plot, but this movie is anything but.

Shutter (2004)

Watch the original, not the remake. Trust.

Tucker and Dale vs. Evil

If you like to giggle at something gorey, this is the movie for you. Two rednecks save a girl who was drowning and all of her friends think they kidnapped her. They try to save her, but Tucker and Dale keep accidentally gruesomely murdering them.

Under the Shadow

Taking place in Iran during the 1980s Iraq-Iran war, this movie follows a woman whose husband is sent to war just before something crashes into her house that brings something terrifying with it.



Maybe a little too on-the-nose for the current situation, but that might make this movie all the scarier. This movie takes place in a time where you can pay to have the same disease as your favorite celebrity. It is a new level of sick obsession,

Cabin In The Woods

A group of friends go off the grid to a secluded cabin. You know how this story goes. What makes this one different? A young Chris Hemsworth. That and the fact that they are trapped in a surveyed realm called “the killing floor” and their every move is being secretly filmed and controlled.

Children of the Corn

People reference this move all the time, but have you *actually* watched it?

Ghost Stories

3 separate paranormal cases are followed through the perspective of one paranormal investigator who is trying to solve them.

The Housemaid

A poor woman is hired by a wealthy family for child care, as well as much more than she thought she had signed up for.


American soldiers in WWII find a Nazi base where there are experimenting with creating super-soldiers. This movie is the peak of historic science fiction.


A bunch of pledges are forced through heinous hazing in order to join a fraternity. It’s like Animal House if Animal House had attempted murder in it.


An army of gargantuan wasps infiltrate the outdoor dinner party of the mayor. Those who are stung have some pretty freaky side effect, and it’s up to the goofy waiter to save them for some reason.

Tragedy Girls

A bunch of girls who are dying for social media fame start killing for it.

Somos Que Lo Hay (We Are What We Are)

After the patriarch of a head hunting family dies, the eldest son must step up to find food for his family before they die, or worse, are found out.


The Strangers

When you think of breaking-and-entering movies, you think of this one. To make matters even scarier, this scary story was loosely based on a true event.

The Void


A group of people in a hospital find a portal to another dimension, and it is not exactly pleasant. It’s like Stranger Things on ketamine.


The matriarch of a family dies, and they slowly discover a demonic family secret that she has left behind.


From the same director as Hereditary, Midsommar follows Dani, a girl who has just lost her whole family to murder-suicide, as she embarks on a trip to Sweden with her boyfriend and his friends. One of the friends brings them to a festival at his home commune. The bright colors of this movie are terrifying when paired with the darkness of the festival’s rituals.


A group of friends at a dinner party discover that the whole street is experiencing a black out, except for the house down the street. When they go to investigate, it seems that this house is having the same exact dinner party.


Natalie Portman stars in this movie about her encounter in another realm called “The Shimmer” while she was looking for answers about what happened to her husband there. No one has come back alive, until now.

Dead Ringers

This oldie and weirdie is about twin brothers who share the same profession, gynecology, and the same girlfriends, their patients. Everything goes smoothly until one of the brothers develops an unhealthy obsession with one of the patients. I mean, girlfriends. I mean, patient girlfriends.

The Descent

A group of women get stuck in a cave with horrors that make you glad that you’re not leaving your house for a while.

A Girl Walks Home At Night

It’s black and white. It’s a vampire movie. But it also has a western theme. It’s Irainian. It’s a real movie you can watch.

Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer


This non-fiction fiction is a “docudrama” about a real life serial killer. He goes to jail for killing his mom, and once he’s released, he goes on a killing spree. Sounds like someone did not learn their lesson.

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