8 Of The Creepiest Locales On Netflix's 'Dark Tourist'

8 Of The Creepiest Locales On Netflix’s ‘Dark Tourist’

Dark Tourist is a show on Netflix that follows David Farrier as he enters the world of “dark tourism,” which is touring places that are associated with death or tragedy. He travels all over the world and doesn’t just see the horror; he lives it. The following are 8 of the freakiest and frightening tourist attractions Farrier visited.

1. Mock Border Crossing

In the Latin America episode, Farrier embarks on a mock border crossing, complete with (fake) machine guns, abductors, and ruthless smugglers through the seemingly endless deserted no man’s land of the border. The tour holds nothing back when it comes to showing the true experience of people who are trying to cross the border. It makes you wonder what life must be like in their homes for them to be willing to go through such life-threatening terrains.

2. Aokigahara AKA Suicide Forest

Aokigahara, located in Japan, is known for the abnormal amount of suicides that are committed there. Farrier walks through the forest and feels the eerie sense that these woods have some sort of sinister power.

3. Jeffery Dahmer Tour

Farrier meets up with another dark tourist and tours the locations of Dahmer’s murders and even meets with Dahmer’s defense attorney, Wendy Patrickus, who had some interesting insight about the notorious cannibalistic killer.

4. Semipalatinsk Test Site

In the Stans episode, Farrier visits some seriously dangerous sites, but one that stands out the most is the Semipalatinsk Test Site which was the primary testing site for the Soviet Union’s nuclear weaponry. It is a desolate ghost town with radiation levels higher than Chernobyl. Just being there could cause these tourists severe or fatal radiation poisoning.

5. Famagusta

Farrier takes personal endangerment to a new level when he tries to cross guarded borders of Famagusta. After Turkey invaded this Cyprus town, they have walled it off to the public and shoots anyone who tries to enter on site. Farrier is determined to find out why.

6. Ma’nene Funeral Rite

In Indonesia, Farrier attends a funeral that you have to see to believe. The man of honor has been dead for two years, and the tribe has a custom where they dig up the dead to celebrate them annually. And that’s not even the weirdest part.

7. Suidlander Survivalist Drill

The Suidlander survivalists are a group in South Africa who truly believe the world is going to end in a race war, so they dedicate their lives to preparing for the armageddon. They allow Farrier to accompany them on an evacuation drill that is wildly structured but still goes haywire.

8. Pablo Escobar’s House

Farrier goes to Pablo Escobar’s house, rides through the streets he used to run, and even spends quality time with Popeye, one of Pablo’s trusty hitmen. He learns that America’s negative view of this drug trafficker does not match up with the townspeople who idolize him.

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