10 Sexual Fantasies Men Have (That They Never Tell Their Girlfriends About)

Since I wrote today about women’s sexual fantasies and how difficult it can be to share them with their partners, I also surveyed my male friends to find what common fantasies *they* had that they were uncertain about sharing with their girlfriends or wives. Surprisingly, they aren’t that different from women.


My girlfriend dominating me.

“In our relationship I feel like I have to initiate EVERYTHING. It’s exhausting. Sometimes there’s not even room for me to tell if she’s really enjoying herself because she always wants me to be in charge. I think she wouldn’t find this sexy, but I would love nothing more than to lay back for once and do what SHE tells me to do. I want her to be in charge and use my body however she wants to to get herself off.”

I want her to call me Daddy.

“I would NEVER, EVER tell my girlfriend this, but I really, really want her to call me Daddy during sex. I’m not a pedophile, my girlfriend is actually a few months older than me. But something about this hits deep inside, some kind of animal instinct, it turns me on like no other.

I want my girlfriend to sit on my face.

“I have shared this fantasy with a few girlfriends in the past and since I got the same (negative) response with all of them I haven’t bothered to bring it up to my current gf. I want a girl to sit on my face so I can eat her out, it’s messy, sure, but I like that. I want it to be messy and feel a little bit suffocated and out of control.”

I want to make her have sex with one of my friends.

“Not only would I never ask my girlfriend to actually do this, I won’t even joke about it with friends when we’re bragging about the sex shit we’ve done. But I want my girlfriend to have sex with one of my friends while I watch. I don’t even want to participate I just want to tell her to do it and enjoy watching.”

I want her to lay on her back on the bed with her head hanging off the edge, and get oral like that.

“I’ve seen it and I’ve read it and I’ve asked just about every girl I hooked up with to try it — only one said yes and it was the best oral of my life. Now I’m married, and it’s just not the kind of thing you ask your wife to do, but I can’t stop thinking about it. I don’t want the “best” of anything I do in bed to be behind me. I really want to do this, I just don’t think she will say yes or enjoy it even if she does. It’s to the point where I’m thinking about putting an ad on Craiglist to just do it again and get it over with.”


“The only regret I have about getting married young is that I wasn’t with more adventurous women before I settled down. Now I will never know what anal is like. I haven’t asked my wife for it but I’ve asked her for much tamer things and she’s just not interested in trying new things. I really want to see how this feels.”


“I want to make a girl squirt, it’s like a sense of accomplishment for me as a man. But I’ve learned that it takes female cooperation and females do not like to cooperate. Squirting for them feels amazing but they don’t like to do it because they are too shy. I don’t get it. If a girl could make me have some insane orgasm I’d be super thankful.”

Public sex.

“I want to take my girlfriend to a sex club and fuck her while a bunch of people watch. It’s a compliment, I want them to see how hot she is and be proud that I landed her. But the girl I’m with is a conservative lawyer, she’d never go for it.”

I’m secretly turned on by the thought of impregnating her.

“I suffered an injury in Iraq that left me totally healthy down there, except that I probably won’t be able to have kids. I’m extremely sensitive about it, and as a result I developed a kind of fetish about not using condoms and getting a girl pregnant. I’ve haven’t seriously dated someone since this started so it’s super frustrating to have to use condoms every single time I have sex. All I want to do is tell them about it and try it one time, I would cum so hard, but I’m pretty sure they’ll think I’m a freak.”

I want her to be more submissive.

“My girlfriend is a feminist, and I am too — I don’t believe that’s at odds with having some roleplay fun in the bedroom — but I’ll never tell her I want to roleplay domination/submission stuff because I think she’ll think I’m like, a depraved misogynist. It’s not like that, I love and respect her, it’s just really, really fucking hot to think about fucking hard her with my hand on her throat.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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