It’s 2:30 AM And All I Want To Do Is Tell You I Love You

alexandria brown it's 2:30 AM

It’s 2:30 AM and all I want is your hand in my hand. I want your long fingers to intertwine with mine and know that you’re here. When you reach out and grab my hand, I feel safe. It’s a safety I don’t feel with anyone else and right now, I could really use it.

It’s 2:30 AM and all I want is my phone to light up. I want to see your name across the screen like it has so many times before. I don’t want a ‘you up?’ text. No. I want you to tell me something menial about your day because I’m still interested in everything that you are. I don’t need you to tell me I’ve crossed your mind because I know if you’re messaging me this late, it means I’m on it.

It’s 2:30 AM and all I want is to not miss you. I don’t want to miss you because you should be here. We shouldn’t go through these motions anymore of pretending that we’re done because we’re not. We want to detangle from each other but our roots run so very deep and I’m not sure if we can ever not be something. No matter the length of time, we somehow always gravitate back.

It’s 2:30 AM and all I want is to relive the memories. The good ones. The bad ones. All of them. Because if I’m reliving them, I’m at least with you. Maybe we’ve changed but I know that it’s not enough that I wouldn’t want you to stay. These fleeting moments of randomly appearing back in one another’s lives shouldn’t be temporary. No, it should be permanent.

It’s 2:30 AM and all I want is you in my bed. I want you beside me again, reaching your arms across my torso to pull me closer. I want you to run your hands through my hair and look at me with only the look you can give me that sends shivers up my spine. I want the weight of you on the left side of the bed that comforts me. I want to wrap you up in my sheets and not let you go this time.

It’s 2:30 AM and all I want are those boring nights back. The ones where we would just sit around and watch reruns of TV shows that ended years ago. There was nothing special about those nights but they were special to me. When you’re in my space, I don’t care what we’re doing, as long as we’re doing it together. When we’re together, there’s really nothing we can’t accomplish.

It’s 2:30 AM and all I want is to know that you’re dreaming about me. That even though it’s been a few months, that your heart hasn’t let me go yet. That maybe you’re struggling just as bad as I am. That I left an impact on you so strong and so deep that you know that there’s never going to be another me. I just want to know if you felt the same thing that I did.

It’s 2:30 AM and all I want to do is tell you I love you. That’s it. I just want to type out those three words and remind you that I love you more than you’ll ever know. I want you to know that you weren’t just another person; you were my person.

And it’s as simple as that, it’s 2:30 AM and I still love you.

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