What To Do When The Love That Left Comes Back

What To Do When The Love That Left Comes Back
Leo Hidalgo

Sometimes you meet someone and they just fit. They just do. There’s no actual reason that this person is in your life other than the fact that something deep inside of you tells you they’re meant to be there.

Sometimes you do everything in your power to push someone away, continuously, and they keep coming back. They argue with every point you throw out there and make you stop thinking about leaving. They tell you the things you need to hear because they know that you’re not someone to let walk away easily.

Sometimes you meet someone who gets you. Like really gets you. It’s uncomfortable, enthralling and at times enraging when someone knows everything about you. They know how to get under your skin and they know every little wonderful thing that makes you who you are. A few months ago, you didn’t even know they existed but now they’re constantly around.

Sometimes this person lets you down. They let you down in ways you never thought another person would. They tell you one thing but do another in an attempt to push you away. Because if you’re allowed to try to push them away, then they’re allowed to try as well. They’re allowed to get scared of the crazy deep and strong connection that neither of you can deny.

Sometimes, despite being let down, your relationship gets stronger. It turns into something you were never sure was ever going to happen. Instead of it being a surface level connection, it becomes this real, unfathomable, intense feeling that completely terrifies you. You’re scared. They’re scared. But you continue down the path together, letting each other know that you’ve got one another. No matter what.

Sometimes this person makes you laugh like no one else. It’s that kind of laugh that spreads through every single one of your extremities and you don’t want it to ever stop. You never want to stop finding the humor in everything with this person. They’re your best friend and you know there’s no one else you’d rather be spending your time with.

Sometimes you fight. Like the scary kind of fighting where you both care so much but can’t seem to express the right emotions. It comes out as yelling but really, it’s fear. It’s fear that maybe this just isn’t your time to be together. Maybe right now, it’s just a good idea to let each other go.

Sometimes this person leaves. I know. It’s hard to think about and even harder to accept. That this person, the one you have spent all this time with and shared everything with is gone. And you’re not sure if they’re ever going to come back. Because that’s how life works. Paths change and love twists with it but it doesn’t mean it wasn’t real.

Sometimes this person comes back. It’s small text to check in. It’s acknowledging that what happened, happened and it wasn’t ideal for either of you. It’s a quick catch up over coffee. It’s asking how each other’s families are and genuinely wanting to know, because their family became your family.

Sometimes the spark is still there. You felt it when you both reached out for the check. The sensation when they smiled ran down your spine and you remembered the feelings that only they give you. It may have been a few months or maybe even a few years since the last time you were sitting across from each other but it’s still there.

Sometimes you decide to go for it again. You lean in and let your lips touch. You feel their body press into yours and it feels like nothing’s changed, even though a lot has.

Sometimes you meet someone who feels like home. And no matter what happens, no matter where your road leads, no matter how many times you tell yourself to get over them—You can’t.

And that’s perfectly OK. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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