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Life comes at you hard and fast. It doesn’t wait for you to grow up. It makes you grow up. It doesn’t make everything work out the way you want. It teaches you to work for everything you want. It doesn’t unfold like a pretty flower that’s blooming after a summer’s rain. It plays dirty and hits you when you’re down. And when you feel like you can’t take anymore, it kicks you again. It’s testing you. It’s looking to see your strength. It wants to know how you’re going to handle every situation.

Life is a motherfucker.

It is! It doesn’t give a shit about how you look or what you do. It doesn’t really care who your parents are or what you did in 2008 that you’re still too embarrassed to ever bring up… ever.

How do you master the game of life you ask? You don’t. Messed up right? Because you really can’t master a game that has zero rules and no set outcome. Everyone’s ending in the world is completely personal. No one really wins but no one really loses either. It’s so filled with ups and downs that even on the highs you’ll hit the lows. It’s so damn complicating and infuriating playing a game you’re not going to completely dominate. Because life is one mistress you can’t dominate.

Here’s the part where I make you realize how much you completely got this though.

No matter how shitty life is at certain points. No matter how hard the tests you go through are. No matter what the hell happens. You have completely and utterly got this.

How do I know? Because I do. I’ve always been the person who believes we all have a purpose. We have a purpose in our lives that we won’t ever fully understand until our last days.

Whether it was to be a parent, a CEO or just a friend, you have a purpose. And I need you to believe that. In your darkest hours, when life has just kicked you square in the gut, I need you to believe in your purpose. Life is the hardest opponent we go up against and ultimately we know that it will get the better of us but that doesn’t mean we just give up. We can’t just let the scoreboard be 1 to 0. We have to give life an opponent it’s scared to face.

We have to become a force to be reckoned with in our right. And you can definitely do this.

But how? That’s actually the easy part. You be you. Easy right? Not really. How many people can you truly pinpoint are themselves 100 percent of the time? How about 80 percent of the time? If you know people like that then hold on to them and learn from them. They have figured out how to have more good days than bad. How to love with abandon. How to just be.

I can sit here and promise you rainbows and butterflies but we both know there is some rough shit coming our way in the future. Things happen so we can learn from them. What the lesson is exactly is yours alone to figure out or to ignore.

It is after all your choice how you live. Even if it doesn’t feel like it.

You have a purpose. And your purpose right now is to show life whose boss. Or at least who’s the one deciding your path. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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