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There is something truly beautiful about falling completely apart. I know that sounds crazy. Is there actual beauty in pain? Yes. The greatest thing about falling apart is acknowledging you feel lost and then you get to start to rebuild. The rebuilding is seriously an amazing thing.

You know the 6-million-dollar man? There famous tagline was, “We can rebuild him, better than before.” Granted they were talking about making a man half human and half machine but I think it still fits perfectly for when you need to pick up the pieces of your life. When you need to rebuild and make it better than before because you can make whatever you want. It’s not easy at all to access those feelings and remember the exact second your heart broke or your friend left you or a family member let you down. It’s never easy to sit with the uncomfortable.

But when you start to pick up the pieces of your soul that lay broken at the moment, you can start to look at the pieces. You can analyze the ones that no longer serve you and the ones you should always keep because they make up you. When rebuilding yourself, you should never take away those main things that make you great. You should never try to replace your laugh.

You should never try to change the fact that you love too hard. You should never try to change the little things that are you.

Feelings are uncomfortable. Feelings of being unsure of who you are or what you want make you feel as though somewhere you made a wrong turn. That if you could go back and change certain situations you’d somehow be better off. That’s not true. There are things we’d all change if we had the chance but what would we have missed out because of that? Maybe in a moment of pain we managed to reach out and connect on a deeper level with someone in our lives.

That’s the funny thing about pain, everyone’s gone through it which means everyone can relate to your current situation. I think that’s why I find the beauty in rebuilding and sharing that with other people in my life. It’s allowed me to heal but better yet, it’s deepened and strength other relationships. It’s allowed people to open up about they’re experience. People are more than likely always going to tell you something if they relate to your pain.

So why do we look a broken as a completely horrible thing? Why do we look at broken as some sort of damage? As something that’s hindering us from feeling or letting ourselves be vulnerable again? Being broken is beautiful. Its cracks and crevices of your life where you’ve managed to survive.

You are a survivor of heartache, of pain, of life.

I am all about rebuilding these days. I’ve been looking at the pieces of myself that make me feel less than. I’ve been trying to figure out what happened in the past that made me think that I was worth less than everyone else. I’m trying to give the same nurture I put into all my personal relationships and give a little back to myself. Ultimately at the end of the day, you have to look out for you.

So rebuild yourself. Better than before. Maybe not completely different but more understanding. More empathetic. More alive. Don’t let being broken hinder you from falling in love with yourself. Everyone in this world is broken in some way or another. Some of us are a little more damaged than others. But we’ve all been there. All you have to really do, is be true to who you are and rebuilding won’t feel so hard. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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