10 Things You Need To Know Before Dating The ‘Guy’s Girl’

There are the girly girls and the tomboys but what about when you’ve met a woman who is a mix of both? She’s got the feminine allure but at the same time she feels like one of the guys when you’re just hanging out. Well, you’ve met yourself a “Guy’s Girl.” Here’s everything you need to know before deciding to pursue her:


1. She has an amazing relationship with her father.

And if it’s not her father, you can bet that she has some strong male figure in her life. She knows exactly how she should be treated because she’s seen how a real man treats a woman.

2. She knows her sports.

That strong male figure? He had her sitting with him every Sunday watching the games. She knows the stats on each player and could probably run your fantasy team. You won’t need to worry about being dragged out shopping on Sunday because she’ll be parked in front of the TV with you.

3. She has a lot of male friends.

Don’t let your jealousy get the best of you! She’s had groups of guy friends her whole life because sometimes she just can’t take the stress of primping herself for a girls night out. It’s easier to slip on a pair of sweatpants and order a pizza while playing FIFA. She’s with you for a reason, and her guy friends pose no threat. Embrace them like you would her brothers, because they’re basically the same thing.

4. She understands guy time.

She wants it, too! She’s not the girl who wants to plan every minute with you. She wants her “me” time just as much as you do. Don’t worry, she knows how important it is to make time for you, as well, but she’s got her own thing going on and that’s great! She’s got the whole “balanced lifestyle” down pat.

5. She swears far too much for a “lady”.

But she knows when to reel it in. Just because she’s a little rough around the edges doesn’t mean she can’t be charming. And isn’t there a study now that people who swear are more intelligent and better friends? That has to count for something!

6. She has no interest in snooping.

Drama is a thing to be avoided at all costs by the “Guy’s Girl” and she wouldn’t be with you if she didn’t trust you. Your phone is your personal matter, your emails are your business.

7. Image is not important to her.

Of course she wants to be respected and well-liked, but she will never compromise herself for the approval of others. She will be her goofy, sassy, animated self and people can accept her or be forgotten by her. She’s not a bitch, she just wants to surround herself with positive, genuine people, not judgmental self-righteous individuals.

8. She’s probably been single for a long time.

She’s not overly flirtatious. She won’t be the girl that guys are flocking to at bars because she doesn’t draw attention to herself, but she’s fine with that! She’ll have a good time with whomever she is surrounded by and isn’t worried about if she’s got someone to buy her drinks. Actually, she’s the one who’s probably buying everyone’s next round!

9. She’s incredibly picky.

Don’t mistake her singlehood for lack of male interest. She’s had many suitors, but she’s been surrounded by so many great men in her life, she knows exactly what she’s looking for and she doesn’t want to waste her time or yours. She doesn’t play games and she’d rather be single than be in a half-assed relationship.

10. She’ll be the most loyal girl you’ll ever meet.

If she’s decided to take a chance on you, you can rest assured she’s “all-in”! She’ll be with you through thick and thin. She’ll support you during your biggest struggles and she’ll be your most enthusiastic cheerleader while you follow your dreams. Just make sure you give her the same in return.

Above all, be prepared to never be needed by the “Guy’s Girl.” She’s done it all by herself for a long time and she prides herself on not being the damsel in distress. BUT, she truly wants you in her life as her partner and friend. If you can accept her for who she is, she’ll bring you an amazing amount of happiness, smiles, and laughter to last a lifetime. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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