A Complete Guide To Law School (In GIF Form)

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When you get your first acceptance to law school.

When you tell people you’re going to law school.

When people ask you how you’re going to withstand three more years of being a student.

Your family and friends once the semester gets going.

What people don’t tell you about law school.

When people talk about how great they were in undergrad.

When your friends call you and you’re in the library.

Talking to your family mid-semester.

When you console your friend about their law school reputation.

What you want to say about a case when you’re cold-called as a 1L.

When gunners keep going on and on in class.

When you settle in in the library.

When you finally reach your breaking point studying.

8 AMs.

When your last class of the week lets out.

When you bring your friends from home to a law school night out.

When people get a little too unprofessional.

Saturday morning in the library.

Once you understand the curve.

When the professor doesn’t even know what the gunner’s hypo is anymore.

When people invite you to parties during finals.

What you want to say to people when they ask how law school is.

When you try to get ahead with work and then get more.


The morning after your graded memo is due.

Once you’ve handed in your graded memo (and slept).

When people ask you how you’re going to get a job in this job market.

When people say “you’ll figure something out.”

When you see or hear any complaints about college.

When you act like you know what you’re talking about just because you’re in law school.

Getting food delivered to school during finals.

When people ask you if you want to go out during 1L.

Saturday morning.

When you learn about what happened at the bar on Friday night.

When you find your study group.

When someone shares a good outline.

Wait what’s personal jurisdiction again.

When you get sick during finals.

When people expect you to look like a real person during finals.

When people tell you it only gets worse.

When you survive your first semester.

When you get your 1L summer job.

When grades come if you don’t make top 10%.


When journal drafts are due.

When you no longer care about reading for class 2L.


What you want to say when called on as a 2L.

When people tell you anything about studying as 2L.

A new show to distract myself with on Netflix?!

When you somehow formulate a coherent sentence when called on 2L.

When you survive finals 2L.

When you realize everyone hates lawyers.

When you realize how far behind you are in reading.


When people ask you how you are during 3L.

When you get called on as a 3L.

When people ask you to answer their random legal questions.

Class as a 3L.

When professors try to scare you into doing work.

Socializing as a 3L.

When someone mentions negative stereotypes about lawyers and you no longer bother arguing.

When people actually volunteer in class.

Being a 3L in a class with mostly 2Ls.

3Ls in class.

3L as a whole.

When you hear about someone starting law school.

When people remind you you’re almost done.

When you realize how soon you have to take the Bar.

Studying for the Bar Exam.

The Bar Exam.

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