A Spotify Playlist For Second Chances

A Spotify Playlist For Second Chances

Sorry – Justin Bieber

A second chance with your boo when you haven’t seen each other after a heated argument you had a couple of days ago. Maybe you were mean to them or a just a little harsh. Or, maybe it’s on them, but you just can’t stand being mad at them any longer.

The Scientist – Coldplay

A second chance with the person you love the most when you realize you’ve hurt them badly. This song will show them that you’re hurting as well. If it doesn’t move them, I don’t know what would.

Try – P!nk

A second chance with life when you feel like you can’t move forward after a break-up or a painful change in your personal/professional life. This song will help you get outta bed and take it one day at a time.

Nobody’s Perfect – Jessie J

A second chance with your best friend when you haven’t spoken in a while and it’s your fault. Maybe you went your separate ways because of something you said or did. This song will do your apology justice.

Say Something – A Great Big World & Christina Aguilera

A second chance with the one who’s about to get away when you’re the only one fighting for what you have and you desperately need them to get on board. Send them this song to show them how you feel about the situation.

Fight Song – Rachel Platten

A second chance with the person you wanna be when you are emotionally tired and mentally burnt out to chase after your dreams. Play this song to yourself as a reminder that you’ve got a lot of fight left in you and it will give you the push you need to keep working on your goals.

Burning bridges – OneRepublic

A second chance with the person who’s too good to be true when you push them away because you are afraid of getting hurt. This song will win their heart over because it shows them that you’re choosing them over your fear.

Sorry, Blame It On Me – Akon

A second chance with your family when you put work first over your them. It’s hard to balance between being a provider for your family and being a good parent. You can send them this song in hopes they appreciate your sacrifice and let you make it up to them.

I Won’t Let You Go – James Morrison

A second chance with hope when your person gives-up on your relationship or when they give-up on themselves. Send them this song to give them hope during this dark time they’re going through.

Sober – Demi Lovato

A second chance with your squad when you let them down by going back to a destructive, unhealthy version of yourself. Be it alcohol, gambling, or even getting back with an ex. This song will hit the nail on the head.

Not A Bad Thing – Justin Timberlake

A second chance with the person you love when they are scared to fall in love with you because they’ve been fucked over in the past. This song will have them giving love a second chance because who wouldn’t wanna fall in love with you?

El Perdón – Enrique Iglesias

A second chance with your ex when you’re still in love with them, but they’re with someone else. This song might be your one way ticket to get them back. You’ll have a lot at stake, but the risk will be worthwhile. They’ll either take you back or you’ll have your answer.

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