12 Gifts That Almost Everybody Would Love To Receive This Holiday Season

The statement “to give is better than to receive” presupposes that you have any idea what your friends and family want for Christmas. Not sure what to get that special somebody? Here are some ideas that will mean a lot but won’t necessarily break the bank.

1. Custom Monopoly Game

Monopoly is a wonderful game devised to teach children the dangers of capitalism but mostly to cause huge hour-long feuds about who is cheating. CafePress has an amazing deal that allows you to create a custom Monopoly board for only $40. Everyone loves Monopoly and everyone loves putting his or her own face on unexpected stuff. $1 of that sale will go to Toys for Tots (which doesn’t seem like very much but hey, it’s better than nothing).

2. Pillow

Most people in today’s society are not getting a quality night’s rest. Sleep is the very best thing for your health, and therefore makes the very best gift. Everyone sleeps and everyone needs a place to do it. I recommend the very cool Infinity Pillow or a selection from the find people at Sleep Innovations.

3. Streaming Stick

Remember when we all bought all those flat screen HD TVs a few years ago before they did anything special? Well now you can give them all the apps and functions you should expect from a modern TV with almost zero set up. Grab your friends a Chromecast, Fire Stick, or Roku for less than the price of taking you both out to a movie theater and watch them worship the tube to their hearts content. Everyone likes to zone out to music/TV/movies and if they don’t they’re insane and why are you buying them a gift anyway?

4. Coffee/Tea Blends

Caf/Decaf, Light/Dark, Sweetened/Unsweetened. These are the beverage debates of our time. Everyone likes a warm cup of something on a cold winter’s morning so whether it’s coffee, tea, or hot cocoa treat that special friend to a selection from Teavana, Blue Bottle, or McNulty’s. All you have to do is ask them how they take their drink.

5. Local Theater Tickets

Not everybody lives in the vicinity of a Broadway production, but I assure you there is tremendous talent to be found locally. Live theater is a wonderfully rewarding and memorable gift. You can Google up a local theater and see what’s on in the next few weeks or you can head to StubHub or TicketMaster to find tickets to a national tour. Is your friend not the type to sit through a live show? MovieTickets.com has your back.

6. Personalized Phone Case

There are some effective and stylish cases for every phone model under the sun at Etsy, CafePress, and Moleskin. To save your giftee from suffering from the dreaded shattered screen all you need to do is glance over while they’re texting and see which rectangle they’ve selected for companionship.

7. Notebooks

We’ve almost all got the Notes app filled to the brim with random thoughts and lists but perhaps consider the far more effective Whitelines notebook. Not only does it let you put, gasp, actual pen to paper, it lets you digitize that info later on in it’s phone app. The best of both worlds. Leuchtturm1917, Field Notes, and Moleskin also have some nice notebooks if that gimmick doesn’t wow you.

8. Tote Bags

The unisex and always handy tote bag has become a staple of the guy or gal on the go, especially for those of us in city. Pick one out from The Strand or Etsy that matches the personality of the one you’re gifting to. I guarantee it’ll get used and abused straight through to next Christmas.

9. Subscription Media

Everyone has their form of digital espace. Giving the gift of Netflix, Spotify, Beats, Hulu Plus, or Kindle Unlimited is not just giving the gift of entertainment; it’s giving the gift of discussion. Pick a few movies/album/books out from those services that you think your friend might enjoy and surprise them by picking up the tab. Then make a date to get lunch one day a few weeks later and discuss how amazing whatever you selected for them was.

10. Headphones

Free your loved one from the tinny audio of their drug store earbuds. They’ll thank you later. For in-ear fans I recommend the Sol Republic Jax, over-the-ear fans should check out the Incipio f38, and everyone with a pair they already love should share the wealth.

11. Bluetooth Speaker Adapter

This is a really great idea and a really clever way to save some money. Rather than needing to upgrade their old speaker system simply because it’s no longer compatible with their phone, you could buy your friend a Bluetooth adapter for their old speakers! Grab a Rocki or Logitech Bluetooth Audio Adapter and voila! They have a wireless, future-proof solution to all their audio needs. They’ll also think you’re pretty clever.

12. Stuffed Animal

People young and old sometimes need a friend to cuddle, whether they want to admit it or not. Head over and grab a Mixed Animal or Build-a-Bear for a customized and heartfelt way to give your friend all the cuddles they need year round, even when you’re not there. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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