Cancer Daily Horoscope For September 27, 2021

Today is a huge day for most signs, since Mercury will go retrograde in the sign of Libra. Much of the topics geared for everyone will pertain to relationship dynamics. We can all expect to see some surprises from unexpected people returning into our lives, if only briefly. For Cancers, this energy focuses on personal successes, and introspection. See how today’s transit impacts your rising, sun, and moon sign.


This is a great day to reconnect with the projects you have been working on, since you are going to have a better vision for them. With Mercury going Retrograde, you will have plenty of opportunities to refine, redo, and rework those tasks that you have waiting in your queue. Don’t feel too bad about asking for help or brainstorming ways to make improvements with others. After all, Libra Season is all about cooperation, and this is a great time to make things work.


With Venus in the sign of Scorpio, your love life is filled with excitement and greater opportunities for a passionate commitment. This is a new phase if you are partnered up, as the connection with your partner can intensify during this time. Communication becomes more fluid for the next couple of days, so expect some surprises from your partner.

Social Life

Today brings plenty of opportunities to stay in touch with friends, since you will feel a lot chattier. Everyone will also feel this energy collectively, so expect an influx of DMs from friends on social media platforms. Today is the beginning of retrograde, so expect some unwanted surprises from exes. Libra season already has you feeling more confident and today is no exception.

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Communication can allow you to feel liberated, especially if you are feeling overwhelmed. With the transits happening today, journaling about whatever is making you feel afraid can help. You are learning this year to do things that bring you happiness and comfort unapologetically.


This Libra season allows you to wind down and to come together with those you love the most. Today is yet another reminder of those wonderful people in your life who are there for you and pushing you to achieve success. Remember to bring balance at home and channel the diplomatic energy to keep the peace. You can be the mediator and the inspiration to those around you. Today you are going to have the right words to bring harmony to those around you.

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