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Here’s What Each Zodiac Sign Can Expect From Pluto Retrograde In Capricorn

The Pluto Retrograde in the sign of Capricorn will begin on April 27th and will last six months, completing retrograde motion on October 6th, 2021. This will be a transit of self -discovery and self-mastery. Pluto wants us to analyze where we are giving up our power and control. This is your time to consider our relationship with power as a collective and how we can find our own potential and capability. For the next six months, ask yourself how you can reclaim your power and control. If you are in a position of doing so, are you a fair and just leader to others?

Aries – You have worked hard to get to where you are, and Pluto here continues to transform your house of honors for the next two years. Embrace the opportunities to acquire leadership roles to show your abilities. Make sure that you are wise with how you use your power.

Taurus – For the next few years, you will focus on the spiritual and path of enlightenment. Pluto has you reworking the way you view the world and reminding you that the true gifts of power are the ones you acquire through being compassionate and making positive changes,

Gemini – Saturn is no longer with Pluto, so this retrograde might prove to be a lot easier to navigate than the one from last year. While you navigate through the past with this transit, you will see yourself once again reclaiming your dominance.

Cancer – Once again, Pluto is here to show you the power dynamics in relationships. Are you giving too much? Or are you too controlling? Focus on exercising your own independence during this transit if you feel controlled. Strike a balance if you are the one doing the directing.

Leo – There will be a powerful transformation in your career and home environment during this transit. In order to handle the stress, stay ahead by modifying your daily routines for more success. Patience is a virtue when it comes to Pluto.

Virgo – If you continue to attract the wrong partners, use this Pluto Retrograde to discover the type of partner that is right for you. Pluto will have you more pensive about your actions now. This can also be a period of inspiration creatively.

Libra – Pluto wants you to take the lead during this transit. You could find yourself in a position of power or leadership role just like Aries. With your diplomatic skills, you can make a difference in the home and work front. Try to be patient and fair.

Scorpio – During this Pluto transit, try and keep things simple for yourself, since you could feel a lot of pressure with communicating. This would be a great time to journal to keep your thoughts clearer. Patience with yourself is needed.

Sagittarius – Just like Capricorns, this transit is going to transform the ways you view yourself. Pluto is empowering you, reminding you of what you are capable of. Material things should not equate to your own sense of self-worth. Use this transit to overcome the doubts and find your own inner strength.

Capricorn – With this transit, you have experienced some extreme highs and lows in the last decade. Pluto once again reminds you that you are still undergoing a powerful metamorphosis. This period will show you the incredible support system you have with friends and family.

Aquarius – While you feel the weight of the world on your shoulders with many the planets aspecting your sign, you will feel a sense of enlightenment during this Pluto Retrograde. The answers you seek will be unraveling in your subconscious.

Pisces – This Pluto Retrograde, you will see changes in your social circles. Pluto will expose some secrets that will have you pondering who your real friends are during this time. This could translate into a time where you feel inspired and confident to create wonders.

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