What Each Zodiac Sign Can Expect From Pluto’s Retrograde In Capricorn

Pluto Retrograde starts on April 25, 2020 and goes direct on October 4, 2020. This is one for the collective and individual metamorphosis. This year has already forced us to face some parts of ourselves and the collective with new lenses. Pluto defines transformation, endings, and the new beginnings that are about to come for us, while the collective is forced to revolutionize their thoughts and views of government.

Those who were born with a Pluto Retrograde in their natal chart will understand how this gets activated for them when their world begins to change. This is synonymous to the Scorpio fixed energy, so change can be a way that activates their fight or flight mode. In the sign of Capricorn, we experience Pluto’s dominance, the power that has forced all of us to know where it has impacted our lives. We are learning to take back control if we have let others take charge of our lives. On the flip side, those who have been in a position of power will understand what it means to let go and not be too dominant.

With isolation and quarantine, we are forced to see how much our independence and power is reliant on ourselves and others. How independent are you? Have you been able to exert your power prior to this? Who are you? Some questions that will present themselves if Pluto is aspecting your Angular Houses. We still have several years to go through with Pluto in Capricorn, so we still have a lot to learn and so does the world.


Pluto in Capricorn will show you what it means to take control. Learning to be fair and just, especially when placed in management roles, is pivotal now for the future when you achieve that position of power. Part of this learning process begins with observing what is going on in the world and applying it to your own personal life. You will discover if you have been practicing balance or if you still need to do some more work on yourself. Evaluating how you manage your power and control is a lesson that will continue to reappear until 2024.


This transit has been an enlightening one for you, as you drop old notions and begin to craft a new path for your life. This Pluto transit making some smooth aspects to your sign will lead to lots of self-discovery, putting a focus on where you see yourself in the future before Pluto moves to Aquarius, pushing you to change your public persona. This transit’s lessons will be valuable for you as you let go of the past plans and goals and focus on creating longer lasting ones.


Capricorn planets have already wreaked some havoc in your life, especially when Saturn jointed the party in 2017. Nevertheless, you have been equipped to handle all of them, especially earlier in the year. The Pluto Retrograde is going to make you push and work harder for what you want. With Saturn temporarily in Aquarius, you do not feel the slow down; instead, you feel ignited to keep going, to power through until the end of the year. The setbacks are nothing, since you know where to find the strength needed to overcome.


The focus for you will be on your ego and how it impacts your intimate relationships. Try to find the balance in them in order to help them flourish. If that is not the case, you will need to do a lot of introspection during this retrograde period to analyze what it is you are missing to feel content. Your main goal at the end of the transit should be to achieve balance and harmony. If this is lacking, there is more work to be done.


You have become a warrior with this Pluto in Capricorn transit over the last decade. Now, with so much emphasis on the Capricorn Stellium from the beginning of the year, you drill down on your needs and wants during this Retrograde period. This has been your evolving period, as the routines have changed and you have been dealing with so many surprises that you no longer know what to expect. Do not fret—this should be easier for you now since you have gotten through the toughest parts. Your resilience should keep you ready and focused.


There have been people in your life who have arrived and let go. This is related to romantic endeavors and your relationship dynamics with someone you may currently be in a relationship with. The Venus Retrograde and this Pluto Retrograde will bring back the past memories for you to see what needs to be changed in order to bring healthy and balanced relationships for the future. Of course, it all begins with the romantic phase. Open your eyes to what it is that is holding you back to achieve a fruitful partnership.


It has been a very long period of time that you and fellow Cardinal signs have had to deal with Pluto’s transit, and now the Capricorn Stellium earlier this year seems to have ignited something more. You have fought through the challenges, have asked for breaks, and this Retrograde period will make you revisit some things that you will need to overcome once more. Trust that you are strong enough to keep going. Having faith in yourself during these transits is key. The toughest parts are behind you. You are the expert on balance, and this will help you reclaim your power.


Your focus now will be on how you carry yourself with others and the relationship you have with family. This Pluto Retrograde asks you to be more mindful of the things you say and your actions. You are learning more about yourself and the energy you carry within. As a sign ruled by the planet of change and transformation, this can be a walk in the park for you. A new phase in your evolution begins as Saturn prepares to leave Capricorn later this year and changes your foundations again.


The wounds from your Saturn transit are still visible and in need of some healing. This Pluto Retrograde transit reminds you of the moments where Saturn in Sagittarius left a stinging sensation and old wounds will resurface. Try your best to keep working hard, think about yourself, your achievements, and how much you are worth. A lot of things might not be going your way, but you must remember to be patient. Time heals and your work will be able to give you fruitful results after this transit.


Pluto has been in your sign for over a decade. You are used to what is happening but still have your moments where you feel powerless. Here you will try yet again to fight for your power, a lesson that continues to repeat itself. Exert your power and control; do not let others take advantage of your generosity in relationships. Remember to also be generous with the ones who deserve it, to express love and be mindful. Pluto is changing who you are, tearing you down and rebuilding you. Retrograde will make you see how far your process is.


With this Saturn shift in your sign, you might feel less of the pressure that the Stellium had earlier this year. Pluto and Jupiter are still in Capricorn, but the retrograde period will be lighter and more of a learning experience regarding the wounds of the past. Your willingness to heal, understand, and let go of grudges will help you flourish. Pluto here wants you to learn from mistakes so that when it moves to your sign, you will have the strength to take on control.


You have learned a lot with Pluto and Saturn in the sign of Capricorn. There have been a lot of changes with the people you have befriended and loved. You are learning the process of being in a relationship with balance, to have friends that appreciate and respect you. You are no longer the same person from 2016. This Retrograde helps the more mature you to establish your place in the world, to showcase your power as a result of all you have done in the last several years. Surprises await.

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