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Here’s What Each Zodiac Sign Can Expect From Venus In Capricorn

Venus will be entering the sign of Capricorn on January 8. This is a complementary transit for Mars in Taurus. This transit is a little more lighthearted and can be useful to tone down the energy Mars in Taurus will impart on the Aquarius stellium that is forming. When Venus and Mars aspect each other on the 9th, we will feel more passionate and inclined to pursue our goals and fight for our dreams. Romantic prospects are positive with this transit as well, as we can be a little flirtier and more amorous. We shift our goals to more concrete and practical things during this period. Venus in Capricorn wants us to commit to greater things that are of value and worth our time.

Aries – Themes from last year will persist with this transit, as you will be motivated in your continuous pursuit for success. Nothing can stop you now, even if Venus adds a rough aspect with your sign. This transit will provide a saving grace, especially if you have lost your sense of direction with your goals.

Taurus – With Mars in your sign, this transit can bring some excitement once Venus makes a trine to it, beginning on the 9th. Expect more drive and passion when it comes to reaching and securing your goals. There could also be a nice financial reward during this period.

Gemini – There will be positive vibes and energy with this transit as it alleviates some of the insecure emotions you might be feeling. The messages from last year continue, but now you have a sense of guidance and direction. Venus wants you to feel glorious, to rest and recharge.

Cancer – You will experience a tighter union with friends and family during this transit. Your focus will be on optimal successes and finding your own voice and confidence. There could also be a period of reminiscing about the past relationships with this transit.

Leo – Expect your voice to reach many people during this transit as you will see a boost of confidence in yourself with the messages you want to convey. Venus has you shining brighter in school or in your career. Either way, you are here to make your mark.

Virgo – This is a transit that can make you feel more valued. Your sense of worth and your own confidence might receive a boost. If you want to pursue some romantic adventures, Venus in Capricorn makes it easier because you will just be more fascinating to everyone during this period.

Libra – Your ruler will gift you many advantages during this transit. When it comes to preserving connections at home, Venus here will make them stronger. A healing energy will surround you and those you love.

Scorpio – Rest and care will be on your mind during this transit. You will also get some insight into how your relationships are going, either with romantic or platonic ones. This is a good time to communicate with those people you love and to listen to them if they share with you. Open your heart and forgive.

Sagittarius – A good transit for a little rest and potential financial boost. Connections are important now. With Mars already motivating and powering up your goals and dreams, this Venus transit could kick things up to a new level. You are going to feel unstoppable.

Capricorn – Get ready to feel a little braver with this transit. Venus adds a touch of elegance to your appearance. Venus will be filled with passion, especially when the trine to Mars in Taurus happens starting on the 9th. Expect to capture everyone’s attention and have fun.

Aquarius – This transit will bring the focus to yourself and home. You may need a break from everything going on with these transits in Fixed signs. Venus in Capricorn allows you to feel relaxed, opting to bring peace and quiet to your immediate environment.

Pisces – You will benefit from this transit, as it allows you to step out of your comfort zone. Venus here adds some flare and sense of maturity since it is in Saturn ruled Capricorn. You are going to meet a lot of people or just feel connected. Expect a period of empowerment.

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