What 2020’s New Moon In Cancer Will Bring For Each Zodiac Sign

The New Moon in Cancer will be on July 20th and we will feel it until the end of the year since this is quite the powerful transit because we are currently writing our new chapter. It’s that time of year, where we begin to get closer to the end of the summer as we prepare for Leo Season. This New Moon transit will have an opposition to Saturn, that will spark some melancholy moments, but we will also feel the dynamic energies of Pluto and Jupiter, adding confusion and optimism to the mix. 2020 has proven to be a force that has moved us in new directions and with the current Retrogrades, it makes it even tougher for us to feel stability since every day feels like a new storm is brewing. This Cancer season has brought us lessons about compassion and love, about persevering in the face of fear and danger on a personal and global scale. The themes from Saturn in Aquarius regarding social changes are still prevalent, hopefully with this Saturn in Capricorn Retrograde, major changes for the greater good will be made. The New Moon will empower us and help usher in the energy and joy that Leo Season is bound to bring to us all.

Aries – This New Moon will add some challenging themes that will persist towards the end of the year. For Cardinals like you, there will be some reevaluation as you battle between reclaiming your throne and maintaining the peace at home. There is a sense of struggles with identity, but you will surely regain control since Mars is in your sign helping you to battle back. The best way to handle all of this is to take the position of diplomat or mediator. Patience is key to weather the storm.

Taurus – A transit like this will allow for you to feel evolved, especially with your ideology and the ways that you are thinking. The New Moon is going to be an interesting transit for you with the challenging aspect to Saturn, you will have to find confidence in how you perceive yourself since it will surely impact your communication skills. This can be a good period to embark on a new journey involving studying or exploring topics you have shown an interest in.

Gemini – Saturn in Capricorn has taught you how to shape up (assuming you were willing to listen). Now, with this retrograde and the New Moon ready to make a strong opposition you will be in a pensive more, trying to figure out the environment around you as well as contemplating on your own security (possibly financial or emotional). This is a time to consider making changes that will help you grow and prepare for the next phase.

Cancer – It is the last week of your season as we get ready for Leos to enter in their reign. This transit will help you begin your metamorphosis. You have put in the work, have dealt with the hurt and challenges this Saturn transit has created since 2017 and now you can feel a little bit of an alleviation. Although this will be tough, you feel at ease and at home because you have faced the battle and have won, now those scars are the symbols of your failures and many more successes that are still to come.

Leo – Fire is what we need after all of this water energy but with this transit you will feel like it is smooth sailing from here on out. The New Moon will be the perfect time to be at peace, at home and just relaxing. All of the excitement is yet to come with your season initiating the beginning of new things filled with joy and excitement. Sit back and relax because your time to reclaim the throne is closing in, so just be patient.

Virgo – It might have felt like a period of boredom where things did not go your way, or you wanted to bring some joys and excitement but Saturn felt like the party pooper. This New Moon transit will make you realize that Saturn was not to blame for those moments where you lost friends or even romantic prospects. Gain some perspective from friends as the New Moon brings some revelations about where you are and going. Do you want to stay in the same mindset or are you ready to evolve?

Libra – Recurring themes will arrive but now you will be more confident in your decisions and choices. You have the handle on things. This transit is highlighting everything you have accomplished and where you are with your goals. The work has been done and now you are waiting for the final test scores, to see what the outcome is. You might see those successes later on in the year, so for now, continue to kick ass and do not lose focus.

Scorpio – This is an energy that Scorpios will be fine with since the New Moon provides a favorable aspect to your sign as well as Saturn. You are in your element as you continue to search for truths through your studies and your period of expansion is still ongoing. What you have set out to learn about yourself and discover will be reflected in the next month, as you shift your perspective to greater things. Leo Season will push you to get to the top, so be prepared.

Sagittarius – With this New Moon and the opposition to Saturn, you will feel as if the topics you have dealt with the last two years are finally coming to an end. This might hit you harder than most signs since you had to deal with Saturn in your sign which was brutal. You made it through the toughest chapters, but now you will feel more prepared for what will await for you. Faith in yourself and an optimistic outlook can truly make a difference for the children of Jupiter.

Capricorn – The New Moon in Cancer is going to have you abandoning the ego and questioning the self. These transits have helped you and fellow Cardinal signs reshape how you see yourselves. You are on a mission to discover your potential once again. It can feel like you have things settled but the Moon might make those emotions get the best of you and make you feel isolated and scared. Abandon fear and act with Mars in Aries adding some spark in your life. Take control fearlessly.

Aquarius – It is interesting to see how this New Moon will impact your sign since it aspects your ruler, Saturn. Expect the grounding energies of Saturn to bring us all back to Earth. You will be concentrating on solidifying goals, getting things done with perfection because you know that December will start a new phase for the next two and a half years. This transit will have you motivated to do more, to get prepared and to plan. Stay focused.

Pisces – You are coming to terms with who you are, what your goals are and where you are headed. This New Moon transit has you defining the things that make you special and feel empowered. It is a good time to get things rolling during this Cardinal sign period, making a strong trine to your Sun. Anything that you start now will be fruitful for you in the future. Find the motivation to make more and to build on your stability.

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