This Is The March Tarot Horoscope For Each Zodiac Sign

Aries – The first half of the month will be a rediscovery period for you as you wait for the Piscean waters to calm down with the effects of the Mercury Retrograde. This is a great time to reflect and meditate if possible. Mars in Capricorn will give you that extra boost you have been desiring all year long, especially when it comes to jumpstarting your career plans and new directions. The Pluto and Saturn conjunction is still there, but things will slowly begin to alleviate for all of us when Saturn enters Aquarius on March 21st, right in time for Aries Season to start. The struggles you will face for this short period (March through July when Saturn retrogrades back into Capricorn) will be an eye-opening experience tied to your partnerships and inner growth. You have fought the fight these couple of years with establishing an identity to the world and now you will shift that focus on how you relate to others. Venus entering Taurus early in the month will make you care more about self-worth and appreciating your innate gifts; another puzzle piece to add to the collection for the upcoming months. The Page of Wands is your card for the month, adding to the theme of new discovery and beginnings. This is a time for new opportunities and renewed optimism, all things tied to the spirit of Aries Season.

Taurus – We kickstart the month of March with Venus comfortable in the sign of Taurus. You will radiate magic and magic will follow you throughout this period if you allow it. With Mars in fellow Earth sign, Capricorn, you are not afraid to express your thoughts to others as you assert yourself more this month. A favorable aspect for many Taurus in the next week is the Full Moon in Virgo, bringing a culmination to your outlook on what brings you joy and happiness in life. It will be a slightly reflective period as you also consider what you have had to offer and bring to the table when thinking about your creative paths. To the artists out there, this can be an awakening and a period of growth and renewal as you continue to reflect some more due to this Mercury Retrograde in Pisces. Seeing some ghosts from the past as well as reconnecting with new people with likeminded thoughts and ideals will spark your imaginative side. The Sun will be entering Aries later this month on the 19th, bringing you back into a reflective period and prompting you to get ready for the next goals to achieve. Saturn will be entering the sign of Aquarius, bringing a much-needed period of relief as you brace yourself for the challenges that will manifest in the next two years. Bulls should not be intimidated because you all are stubborn and courageous in your own right. Your card for the month is the Three of Wands pushing you to be more adventurous and have a little fun, even when the world looks like it’s ready to burn.

Gemini – Aries Season will bring an exciting period for many Geminis as you achieve a little recognition and moment in the spotlight during this transit. The Full Moon in Virgo this month will shine a light to your domestic affairs, and you will likely find a resolution. With Mercury Retrograding back into the sign of Aquarius at the beginning of the month, this will spark some nostalgia, as you think and meet some people from the past who will help to shape some new outlook regarding your place in the world. With Saturn entering Aquarius later in the month, those answers from the retrograde will help add some meaning to this transit. You will have a taste of what is to come in the next three years. The Four of Wands is your card for the month bringing a much-needed victory to your life. Things will appear to be smooth sailing as you are brought back to home and family. Love will be a driving force for this victory this month and when Venus enters your sign next month, you will experience the power and effects of how love will shape you for the next half of the year.

Cancer – When the Sun enters Aries, it will bring a period of challenges in showing the world who you are. However, expect a list of praises towards the end of the season. You will be able to attain your crown and learn a lot as a result of your achievements. With the Full Moon in Virgo, this will bring a contemplative period, as you craft your plans for the upcoming months and try to bring a resolution to your ongoing fears and lack of faith in yourself. When Mercury reenters the sign of Pisces on the 16th, the expansive energy follows you and adds a good amount of optimism to keep you right on track. Have faith in yourself and what you have in the works because it will flourish. The New Moon in Aries on the 24th adds that spark of magic, a new beginning to a dream or a plan that will generate a lot of talk towards the end of the year. There will be a Mars and Saturn conjunction in the sign of Aquarius later this month, making you want to go forward but stop. Although this energy feels limiting, keep pushing for what you want without any fears. This period is a moment of rebranding and trust in you. This month, The King of Wands appears in your favor, letting you know that you are at a level of mastery which will bring more gifts. The only one stopping you at this point in time might be you, so keep going and be fearless.

Leo – Fire signs will enjoy this favorable transit because it will generate that spark and joy that the Saturn and Pluto conjunction has been keeping under control. With the energy shifting away from the Capricorn wave, you will focus on the self and your own power. The Sun in Aries will bring a positive outlook and joy to keep you moving forward with your plans. However, the brief entry of Saturn in Aquarius, will show some of the obstacles that you will have to face in the next year. Although it is a brief transit, you will get a taste of what is to come. Venus in the sign of Taurus will be an exciting period for you, as you will feel like royalty. Whatever you do now will make you shine, and it will boost your confidence and faith in yourself because you already know what you are worth. The Full Moon in Virgo provides the essentials needed to build a stable environment for yourself as you are faced with questions regarding the future and your stability. Finally, the transit that will bring you more optimism will be the New Moon in the sign of Aries, prompting a change in ideals and a need for expansion. Your future and plans could come to focus during this time. When Mars enters Aquarius, you will be the go-getter, getting things done, moving into action, but with the conjunction with Saturn, this might add some pressures to how you move forward. We conclude with The Page of Pentacles in the Reverse as your card for the month. Keep the eyes on the prize and do not let fear stop you. The world is your oyster, just go for it.

Virgo – Pisces Season should bring a sense of optimism for you. The Saturn and Pluto conjunction that has made the last three years a bit of a downer for you will finally break away from their intense energy as Saturn shifts into Aquarius on the 21st. This can bring you a moment of relief and joy, which will allow for you to go forth and bask in the Aries Season with new opportunities for excitement and thrills. The Full Moon in your sign also provides a bit of a boost in the way will view yourself from here on out. This is a time to come into your power and see those parts of the self that you have been trying to ignore or hide away. You are now more willing to accept the truths after months of covering up those lies within. Be upfront now and honest with what you expect for yourself in the future. Venus in fellow Earth sign, Taurus will bring you back to basics and inspire a lot of self-worth and love, both wonderful things for your journey to healing. The Sun is your card for the month adding onto the theme of the self and growth. Do not be afraid to let your light shine. It is only when you have uncovered those dark parts within and come to terms with who you want to become, that you will show your radiance.

Libra – March will bring a lot of changes for you with lots of Cardinal activity in the works. The Sun entering Aries is a moment of excitement for you since Aries is your sister sign and it is a reflection of who you are when relating to others. Appreciate the last days of Venus in this sign before it moves into Taurus, because here is where you will have to be more practical about finances and your own ideals revolving worthiness. Mars in fellow Cardinal sign, Capricorn will make the home front a bit of a challenge during this transit, but this is something that you are already used to and can handle. Your diplomatic skills will be put to the test as you struggle to be the peacekeeper with friends and family. Nevertheless, this month will also show you many victories, with the Full Moon in Virgo, bringing you back to center and inner focus. A cycle of uncertainty and confusion comes to an end, as you set out to take on the world. Mercury Retrograding back into the sign of Aquarius, brings a little spark and fun to your life before Saturn makes its way there briefly until July. The Four of Pentacles in the Reverse is your card for the month reminding you to be more cautious with your spending since Venus will be in Taurus. Be practical when it comes to finances and remember to focus on the future.

Scorpio – There will be a lot of opportunities coming and going this month and this also applies to people you meet and let go of. With the Seven of Cups appearing in your reading, this is a moment to be practical with what you want and to not be fooled by others, especially in romance. The beginning of March marks the period of Pisces Season that will bring you joy and excitement, but with Neptune there, this can lead to a lot of illusions and delusions after when things do not work out the way you have expected. Luckily, Mercury will Retrograde back to Aquarius, making you claim some footing as you work through issues that are of a more personal nature. The Full Moon in Virgo brings you some much needed guidance through your practical circle of friends, reminding you to stay focused and grounded during this transit. Venus entering the sign of Taurus will ignite your passions when it comes to what you should go after when pursuing a partner and how you will go about getting what you want. Focus on bringing stability into your life and not to let the chaos around you push you into making decisions you know are not practical.

Sagittarius – Aries Season will awaken you as you experience fun and pleasure with the Sun entering later this month. So far, you have gotten the boost of joy with Venus in the sign, but it is only for one more week until it moves into Taurus. This is still a very favorable position to have Venus, as you come to a good and peaceful moment in your working environment or with school. Saturn will be entering the sign of Aquarius for the next four months, giving you a taste of what is to come for 2021. You have been through the challenges that Saturn has presented you but now this will be a new learning experience for you. The New Moon in Aries at the end of the month will spark a new cycle for you that can be a creative endeavor or a reflective period for the next six months, so use this time wisely since it can promote growth. It will challenge you in new ways because Aries teaches us to take lead and charge and this transit is no different. Your card for the month is The Two of Swords, prompting you to make some decisions you have been putting off. Trust that you will make what is best for you since you have already learned a lot and have overcome the hardships that life has thrown at you thus far.

Capricorn – You of all people will love the shift from Saturn in your sign to Aquarius. This lightens the weight that you have been feeling for the last two years, even if it will only be for a four-month period. The Sun entering fellow Cardinal sign, Aries in the middle of the month is a godsend for you as you now have the energy to kickstart any pending projects or tasks you have not felt confident enough to take on. With Mars in your sign, you will be driven enough to start and finish this in the next few years. One drawback of having Mars in your sign will be the aggressive tendencies that will flare up occasionally, so make sure to take some timeouts when you feel the anger and pressures building. This Full Moon in Virgo will bring expansive energy and motivation that will help you keep pushing for that goal you have in mind. You have your eyes on a prize and will surely get it. This month, The Seven of Wands shows that you are here to fight for what you want and protect what you have achieved. Mars in your sign makes you unstoppable and will teach you to put up defenses when others want to break you. Keep going strong, nothing can stop you this month.

Aquarius – A huge momentum shift for your sign as you finally feel what Saturn in Aquarius will be bringing you for the next three years. But first, you will experience Mercury Retrograding back in your sign at the beginning of the month, making you think sharper and be more in tune with your thought process. There is a confidence in how you carry yourself and what you are willing to tolerate, and others will notice. The Sun in Aries adds on to this mental sharpness as you will have an ease with words this transit, so to those Aquarius writers out there, you will have a lot of inspiration that will be beneficial to you, especially after this New Moon in Aries, sparking some travel and/or reconnecting with the world through words. Venus in Taurus brings some stability and comfort to home, as you will also feel inspiration to make changes to aesthetics. Saturn in Aquarius will ignite passions, not in the way that Mars and Venus to, but in a way that will ensure security and success in the future. You will focus on the next chapter of your life and bring the focus on what truly matters to you now. The Three of Pentacles in the Reverse is your card for the month. Do not shy away from asking help if you need it. Usually, you can achieve greatness on your own, but when you are feeling down, it is always best to have the support from others to keep on going.

Pisces – There can be a bit of conflict when The Five of Wands shows up in a reading. This month try to behave or stay away from conflict. You can use your leadership status to bring or enforce the peace (if you can). This Aries Season will remind you to keep the focus on you and how to make yourself thrive. You are in your element now, especially when Venus in Taurus makes a sextile to your sign, prompting many pleasant moments in the making that will be inspirational to you and might help you tap into your creative side. With Mars in the sign of Capricorn, expect to meet a lot of new and interesting people this transit who will spark some new ways of achieving things and will keep you focused for the long run. The Full Moon in Virgo brings a conclusion to how you approach relationships. To those who are partnered, you will understand your lover more. Single folks will understand themselves more and what they are looking for in their future mate. Saturn is entering Aquarius briefly and it will show you what to expect in 2021. This period will be a reflective one, so use it wisely because you will learn a lot about you, and it will shed a part of you after the transit. Generally, this is a moment of fierce optimism and hard work as you gladly look to the future.

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