What To Expect From 2019's Gemini Season Based On Your Zodiac Sign

What To Expect From 2019’s Gemini Season Based On Your Zodiac Sign

The New Moon in Gemini strikes June 3rd, 2019.

Gemini Season has amped up our mental energy. It has made us more communicative by wanting and needing to connect with others a lot more. You may have a tendency to either start multiple group chats or to be brought into them. Virgos and Geminis (Sun, Moon and Ascendants) will experience this more than others since they are both Mercury ruled. With the upsides of wanting to connect more comes the downside of wanting to disassociate and retreat from the world. This is typical with Gemini energy because what goes up will eventually crash and burn right back down. Learn to pace yourselves and take it easy, do not rush through things as much as you may feel compelled to. Slow and steady wins the race and that also applies with how you disperse that mental energy.

Aries – Aries this season will be chatty and excited or chatty and nervous. The ups and downs of Gemini season will be amplified with this New Moon. Because this is in your communication sector, you may experience trouble with technology or just connecting with others. Messages sent may or may not be received on time, creating a frustrating moment for you. Do not fret, focus on occupying your mind with other mentally stimulating hobbies and you’ll see how much fun you will continue to have.

Taurus – There will be an obsession with money and productivity. One moment you will feel abundant energy and the next you will be on the verge of debt. Pace yourself and take it easy, the ups and downs of this New Moon will be felt by all. Structure a game plan for yourself to make sure you are on track with budgeting, this will alleviate some of the worries and tensions that might present themselves in your mind.

Gemini – Lunar energy will make you feel renewed as you focus on this new chapter in your life. While everyone else is coping with the sheer chaos and madness this season has to bring, you may feel Zen. This applies to Sun, Moon and Rising folks who constantly feel the unrelenting chaos of Mercury. Things will seem balanced for you, so put plans in motion, finish any projects that may still be pending and trust yourself enough to get things done.

Cancer – Magic is one word to sum up what you will experience during this new Moon. To those who are on the creative path, utilize the messages sent through dreams to inspire your art and craft. The planet of communication, Mercury will be sending you messages that may seem invaluable now but have the power to transform yourself and your work of art. This is an enlightening moment, one that you should appreciate since it will bring more enchantments in your future.

Leo – Social Leo will feel this New Moon’s energy as you see your need to transform. There will be people in your life, new people, who will be filled with the energy of the season. You may feel inspired, annoyed and uplifted by everyone in your life now. Take this to heart as you will see social progress come your way. These people will push you to change for the better even if it may not appear so now. You might even be inspired to stand up for the underdog and help others face challenges.

Virgo – The production value that you have put throughout the year will pay off this season. The New Moon will bring that to light, so if you have hustled and suffered, now you will be rewarded. Saturn has been relentless in its domicile, Capricorn, so you as a fellow Earth Sign will understand the importance and value of hard work. You have earned the gifts and praises during this moment (assuming you have worked hard for it). To those who have slacked off, you will realize it now and will be granted another opportunity to thrive.

Libra – You will want to take control of your destiny with the New Moon in fellow Air Sign, Gemini. Your world might feel like it may be in shambles, no thanks to Capricorn causing mayhem for the Cardinal signs. Libras will have a plan now after dealing with the pain. Your eyes will open wide as you acquire an understanding of things that have been happening to you in the last couple of years. This is a moment to find your strength and to battle the pain you may feel in your heart. The chaotic energy of this moon will guide you to heal.

Scorpio – The New Moon on June 3rd will open up your eyes, heart and mind. The answers you seek will present themselves like a domino effect. This could be an interesting moment in time for you, as you may be compelled to travel or separate yourself from others. Many Scorpios might turn to books and the internet to research more. Your mind feels insatiable now, let it thrive. Absorb the lessons the world has to offer and come up with a game plan to take on the challenges.

Sagittarius – You will be meeting new people and connecting with old friends this time around. It is no surprise to see how those partnerships you may or may have already formed could help boost whatever projects you may have planned for the upcoming year. Money is in your eyes and you have a goal. Maintain that energy, keep things flowing and make sure to trust in your abilities. Gemini Season can bring abundance to you if you let the creative energy work for you.

Capricorn – Expect some peaceful energy when it comes to dealing with people this season. You will be at the top of your game, flawless in your projects and determined to take on all challenges presented your way. Capricorns may find Gemini Season excruciating but you love to work your hardest when everyone is starting to slack off during the Summer. Take the time to rest, to breathe and to center yourself because you can easily make it to the top but crash and burn due to lack of energy.

Aquarius – This burst of energy will make you socialize and the urge to party more will present itself during this lively Gemini Season. The Sun is making it an exciting moment in time for you but the moon will allow for you to tap into your creative energy. Be prepared to be inspired and expect some lively dreams. If you are connected to the artistic or creative world, you will definitely benefit from the energy this season. Use it to create a masterpiece since you will be driven to make magic.

Pisces – With Gemini Season in full flare, you will already be more focused on the matters of the heart and your space at home. You may want to be alone at this moment in time, to get closer to your thoughts and to plan and focus on personal issues you may be avoiding. However, that Cancerian energy will not let you mope around since you will still embrace the fun involved with socializing. You may be more popular this period, but you still want to be centered in your own personal space.

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