Zodiacs Ranked By How High Their Standards Are

1. Leo Leos are always being accused of being too picky. They want someone who has it all — money, looks, and personality. They aren’t willing to settle for someone who only has two out of three things. They are holding out for a perfect person who might not actually exist. 2. Gemini This sign […]

4 Zodiacs Who Feel Too Guilty To End A Bad Relationship

Some zodiacs aren’t going to end relationships, even when they sense it’s not working, because they feel guilty hurting the other person. They don’t want to cause any pain, so they will draw out the relationship for longer than necessary.

The One Thing Every Zodiac Should Do During Pisces Season

Pisces season is approaching! From February 19th until March 20th, we will be in a time of intuition, healing, and compassion thanks to the water sign Pisces. This is what every zodiac sign should do during Pisces season if they want to make the most of this time: Aries Pace yourself. You’ve been going, going, […]

7+ Starvation Movies

Starvation isn’t just about malnutrition. Here is a list of the best films with starved souls and bodies alike.