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While you’re in college, it feels like the most important thing in the world. As soon as you leave college, it’s almost as if it never happened. No one asks about it, no one cares what classes you took or grades you got. They care about what you bring to the table–that’s it.

Find solace in self-control, rather than some brief satisfaction in abandoning it.

When you buy food at a counter or window and there’s a line, leave as soon as you’ve paid. Don’t organize your things, don’t chat with the cashier, don’t talk to your friend, leave. You’re not ‘taking your time’ you’re “taking time from other people.”

So what if your friend is making a ton of money, or if they just got a ton of coverage for something they did? So what if they’re working with this client or that client? Or if they just signed a deal with so and so? You’ve made your purpose clear, you’ve made your life’s priorities clear. Things will work out for you in the way that you’ve chosen–but again, only if examined in their own context.

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