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Kelton Wright is a writer, editor, and cyclist collecting smog dust in Los Angeles. She is the author of Anonymous ...

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“I want you to propose,” I said to him, so direct it surprised him. So direct it surprised me. Marriage had come up with us before, but often within the conversational framework of contracts.

It’s not difficult to find an image of 20-somethings and younger sitting around staring at their phones. We call it a shame, that we’re losing the ability to communicate, and that our humanity is all but gone.

All I wanted to hear was a knock at the door and the silence was deafening.

Every day we drink the liquors of Likes and Retweets, snorting lines of texts, looking for that hit, that instant gratification. We are gratified, but we are not grateful. And we drink the hair of the dog rather than the water because we want it easy and fast and right now.