James Altucher

James Altucher has written nine published books and one comic book. He's created a web series for HBO and is working ...

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The best way to take advantage of a booming stock market is to invest in your own ideas. If you have an extra $50,000 don’t put it into stocks. Put it into yourself. You’ll make 10,000% on that instead of 5% per year.

Wall Street is crooked. This is not really a surprise to anyone. I lived on the street. And I worked on the street. Wall Street starts at broadway and continues down to Water Street.

“Owning a home” is the “college” of the thirties. A 15 trillion dollar mortgage industry hypnotizes society into thinking that “owning a home is a smart investment” or you “need roots.”

I scratched my back until it bled. And I never stopped. My back right now is a bloody Jackson Pollack painting. A bathtub of blood. Doctors don’t even touch it. Very attractive. My best feature maybe.

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