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April 27, 2017

These Are The Things Guys Wish Girls Knew When It Comes To Dating

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1. “Full body pics on Tinder. Show your figure.” – Angel, 26

2. “That we are pretty much the same. That we are humans too.” – Daniel, 33

3. “That you actually need to show up. *sob*” – Alex, 26

4. “Flesh is flesh, love is love but I guess it applies to either human being.” – Adam, 29

5. “That maybe we want the same thing: long term, casual, something in between. Don’t be scared that we want the opposite.” – Keith, 27

6. “To give us a chance, because we are not all the same. Perception can be misleading. Would be nice if pre-judgement based on looks can be discarded, they would have a lot to win from that.  If there is something that you like, or bothers you, just say it, it is that simple. Don’t make us guess.” – Andrew, 28

7. “We’re not all the same.” – Robert, 35

8. “We rarely interpret the indicators of interest quickly, and correctly, and even if we have, not all of us act on it just as quickly.” – Akshay, 23

9. “Forget about your self proclaimed righteous thoughts. As in, allow to conversations to follow its natural course. Don’t dance cha cha on a soul rhythm.” – Albert, 27

10. “Don’t judge everyone by appearance.” – Martin, 25

11. “Be yourself. You don’t have to try to be like someone else. We like you for being authentic.” – Sean, 31

12. “We are equal, and it’s nice to feel liked and courted, not only play the hunter. We also have our insecurities and that leads to playing macho and other false parade.” – Hart, 28

13. “Our standards are not physical, we enjoy having a connection with another human being that also happens to look pretty and smell like flowers.” – Andrei, 30

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