7 Things It Really Sucks To Get Emotionally Invested In

Apr. 3, 2013
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1. Reality Television Competitions

If you’ve ever felt disappointment because the girl you deemed worthy didn’t receive a rose on The Bachelor, you know what it feels like to catch yourself caring about contestants on a reality television series. As a hardcore Big Brother fan, every July-September is spent glued to CBS as I watch so often that it feels like I actually know the people I’m pulling for. I really shouldn’t spend hours stressed out because my favorite cast member’s elimination is imminent, but I have and probably will again in the future. Even knowing this in advance I won’t quit watching, although I do feel like staying in and worrying about so-and-so getting a rose or not is going to lead to a life of 4-legged animals as companions. Basically having a penis and bad allergies are the only things stopping me from being a cat lady.

2. Sports Teams

As a Chicago Cubs fan, I’ve faced a lifetime of frustration and heartbreak, and it can be surprisingly taxing. The thing is, it feels natural to get emotional when your team doesn’t prevail, to the point where we’re actually angry, sad or annoyed for hours, days — even weeks. It’s ridiculous and we know it, especially considering we’re still bitter and disappointed long after those millionaire athletes have forgotten the game happened. We’re just the dedicated fans, but the players are able to get over their big game losses on a beach or some luxurious off-season vacation.

3. Current TV Shows

The deaths of TV characters can be frustrating because some series’ like to kill several off when it isn’t even necessary — to the point where it’s scary to grow fond of anyone when you know they might be dying on any given episode. The Walking Dead is an obvious offender, being that they’ve killed so many cast members at this point, that only about five people from the first season remain. Aside from scripted deaths there are friendships, lovers, and various storylines that are capable of actually changing our mood in real-life when we are devoted fanatics of the series.

4. Past TV Shows

Because not only are you invested in fictional characters, but their fates have already been sealed and there’s no hope for your satisfaction if it didn’t turn out the way you wanted. Prime example; I didn’t really watch Friends until a year or two ago and after binging my way through the series, I’m so unhappy that Joey and Rachel didn’t end up together, but the worst part is that it’s set in stone. The show is over, and my ideal TV couple will never be written. There’s not even a “maybe next season,” to hold out hope for.

5. A Person Who’s Unavailable

If they can’t be involved with you because of distance, a career, a boyfriend, a girlfriend, or something of that nature — run. Run quickly in the opposite direction and don’t put yourself, or anyone else in a position that rarely ever ends well for either party involved. Allowing yourself to get emotionally invested in someone or something that has a blatant danger is kind of asking for bad news.

6. Your Friend’s Relationships

A good friend cares about a friend’s well being, but you can’t allow that to grow into subconsciously acting as if you’re a part of their relationship. Then when they argue or go through rough patches, you’re sitting there just as upset and stressed out as they are. Usually your allegiance is stronger on one side, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be the Shawn to their Cory & Topanga, witnessing their evolution and trying to be the glue that keeps things together. 

7. Everyone And Everything

Sometimes we just naturally have a lot of feelings, and that’s really dangerous too. We can’t care deeply about what every last person thinks of us, or live with the goal of satisfying the world, otherwise we become distraught people who live life walking on egg shells and constantly upset about whoever they let down or whatever didn’t go their way most recently. TC Mark

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