33 Women Confess What They Worry About Before Hooking Up With A Man For The First Time

14. That he’ll find my boobs to be too saggy.

“That he will judge my appearance.

I’ve lost a lot of weight so my skin is not the tightest everywhere. It could certainly be worse, because I exercise fairly regularly but still. I’d need some ‘work’ done to really feel good with myself. Especially on my boobs. I have big ones, even after losing so much weight. They’re a bit saggy now and that’s really horrible for me….So I’ll definitely will have a boob job at some point.

I did not fear that kind of thing before, always assuming that if a man was going to have sex with me, it wouldn’t matter to them that my body wasn’t perfect…

But last year, I was with a group of friends and we were talking and drinking… and at some point we started talking about sex and our past experiences.

One of the guys was half laughing and told us he was fooling around with a woman but when they started getting undressed he noticed that she had saggy breasts and stretch marks and that it was a complete turnoff for him and he just pretended to be sick so he could get away and not have sex with her.

He thought it was hilarious. The other men were more or less laughing (some looked a bit uneasy). He never noticed that all the women in the room got silent and looked horrified at that point.

Yes, our worst fear and nightmare there were getting real…men actually DO judge our physical flaws while having sex with us. Most of them are just too polite to mention them.”


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