When The Reaper Comes For You, Pray That It’s Not In These 25 Brutal Ways

According to Ask Reddit, these are the most brutal ways to die.
Skull that suffered a brutal death
Unsplash / Sandro Katalina

1. Being executed for a crime you didn’t commit

“Being executed for a crime you didn’t commit.

There are lots of terrifying ways to die, but for me the worst would be dying in a cold, sterile room after of languishing in solitary confinement, long abandoned by friends and family, staring into the furious eyes of people who WANT to watch me die, and the only thing that breaks the YEARS of asking why won’t anyone BELIEVE me? is realizing the nanoseconds of fading consciousness as the anesthetic takes hold are my last.” — jason_stanfield

2. Getting walking ghost syndrome

“Walking Ghost Syndrome happens when you’re exposed to a certain amount of radiation. The radiation kills your bone marrow but not much else. You get sick for a few days due to sepsis from all the dead bone marrow, then seem to get better, but your life now has a quite literal deadline; with no bone marrow, your red blood cells and immune system aren’t getting replenished so once you run out, that’s it.

You basically have about a month (give or take) in which you feel fine but are definitely going to die.” — Notmiefault


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