50 One-Sentence Reminders Everyone Going Through A Breakup Needs To Hear Right Now

1. Half of what you’re feeling is probably not even heartbreak—it’s just anxiety over losing a source of comfort.

2. You are free.

3. The sweetest “revenge” is simply living and thriving in your own beautiful life, without them.

4. C’mon. They weren’t really that good in bed.

5. You can now live without the fear that they are dampening your experiences and distracting you from yourself.

6. Anything they said to hurt you was only a projection of their own complexes and insecurities.

7. You did not lose them—they lost you.

8. It is through these dark, depressed moments that you’ll realize how viciously capable and self-sustaining you truly are.

9. No one person is “perfect” for another.

10. There will be others.

11. The next body you touch will be unfamiliar. It’s natural to feel nervous.

12. You have not experienced the peak of romantic love. There is so much more to come.

13. You do not need them.

14. And, in fact, you never did.

15. You wanted them, and they brought you comfort. But never, ever did you need them.

16. When you feel the urge to call/text/message them, remember: There is often more power in silence than in cutting words.

17. McDonald’s will never not have french fries.

18. And Netflix just released a new season of ________.

19. You are the most important person in your life.

20. You are #1.

21. You are the only person you can rely on unconditionally, and only you can muster the courage to move on from this messy ordeal.

22. It is all too easy to remember relationships as romantic illusions of what they actually were.

23. We tend to remember the highlights, the good memories, the fullness of all that feeling, while failing to remind ourselves why we had to walk away.

24. So, for now, focus on their shortcomings, their selfishness—the things you accepted about them, but did not like.

25. Mute the loving memories. You broke up for a reason.

26. Their latest insta was dumb AF anyway.

27. Do not let anyone convince you that you’re taking too long to move on.

28. Take all the time you need.

29. Understanding, peace, and closure will sneak up on you at their own pace.

30. Even if they are taking their sweet time, they will arrive.

31. And when they do, embrace them. Learn from this chapter of heartbreak—it won’t be the only one—and blossom.

32. The concept of “deserving” is shallow, but if they were cruel, they did not deserve your beauty.

33. If it were meant to be, it would be.

34. And, maybe, it still is—later. Not now.

35. But do not not navigate your life with that possibility in mind.

36. If you do—if you seriously indulge the idea that the two of you will find each other again, and that when you do, it’ll be right—you will close yourself off to the good things for which this breakup has paved the way.

37. Talk to your parents. They have experience and wisdom to share.

38. All the sadness, anger, and regret you’re feeling deserves to be felt.

39. So don’t push your emotions away in an effort to “get over it.” Feel them, and let them pass when they will.

40. At a certain point in the near future, the urge to talk to them will dissipate.

41. …Because talking to them is a thing of habit, not a necessity.

42. If you are not yet ready to sleep with anyone, ignore those well-intentioned encouragements to “get under someone new.”

43. There is no such thing as a “good” breakup.

44. Seek comfort in the things that have always brought you happiness.

45. Soon, they will think of you, and they will be deeply sad you’re not sitting next to them.

46. The sun will rise tomorrow. Life will go on.

47. There will come a time when the very things that are making you cry will make you laugh.

48. While they may have damaged your spirit, they didn’t come close to destroying you.

49. They never “completed” you.

50. You are broken, yes, but you are complete, you are whole, and you are fulfilled without them. Thought Catalog Logo Mark