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It Was Their First Night Together

If you check, the night of the 10th was not a full moon, so what took place that evening can only be considered either an accident of chemistry or divine magic.

This Is How High School Felt

Always I have felt a step behind. Not in a rushed way, as though I were trying to catch up, but intrinsically behind. Let me explain.

Original Sin Is Bullshit And God Is A Liar

My fundamental issue is with the actual logic of the events surrounding the so-called original sin. See, I’m of the opinion that Eve didn’t commit the original sin and that the concept itself is flawed.

This Is How We Reminisce

If you ever want to get an idea of the passage of time and the curious way in which it’s both important and trivial, both tangible and intangible, then log on to your Facebook. I know it sounds like bullshit, but trust me. Log on to Facebook and I’ll tell you about my occasional late night mental hobby.