14 Charming Things Girls Do That Guys Can’t Get Enough Of

There’s a vague idea out there that guys don’t pay attention. This isn’t true. Here’s a few of the things we notice, love, and can’t get enough of.

via Frances Cabrom
via Frances Cabrom

1. The way you curl your hair around your ear. It’s almost diabolical. Particularly when looking at a menu at a restaurant.

2. How you put on makeup. If he’s with you, he likes the way you look in and out of it, but there’s a certain enchantment in getting dressed up for some fancy evening event and watching you do a suite of things to your face that we don’t fully understand. (I thought an eyelash curler was something I once saw in a torture museum.)

3. The look on your face when you decide you look good and you’re ready to go. It’s another special occasion type of thing. It often includes a satisfied shrug of the shoulders and a smile in the corner of your mouth.

4. The furrow of your brow when you’re focused. Whether it’s work, a book, cooking, or planning a family visit, seeing your active agency does some heart-warming things on our end.

5. When you burrow into us when we’re cuddling. Few things make us feel as good as this. It’s the best way to say, “I love you.”

6. The goodbye kiss. Off to work, to class, or wherever, it’s so tender in its mundaneness. A routine gesture that seems to say, “I know I’ll see you later, but have this for now.”

7. The half smile when you’re going down on us and you can hear our enjoyment. We get that it might not be high on your list of preferred activities but little things like that are really sweet in a sexual way. It reminds us that you like to make us happy.

8. Buying us clothes. There’s literally nothing better than someone complimenting our shirt or our watch so that we can say, “Thanks, my girlfriend got it for me.” NOTHING. IT’S THE BEST FEELING.

9. The scrunchy face a lot of you make when you take a shot of hard alcohol. I’m sure almost everyone does it, but it never gets old. Like, ever.

10. Grab our hand during a scary movie. It’s small and you might even do it with anyone you know and happen to be watching that movie with but it still makes us feel great that you reach for us reflexively when you’re momentarily panicked. Let’s pretend we aren’t jumping, too.

11. Get excited about your passions. True, it’s endearing when almost anyone does it, but that doesn’t make it any less charming when the women we’re involved with do it, too. Hell yeah you can get that dream job. It reminds us to try a little harder in our own lives. This extends to when you

12. Get righteously angry. A few years back an ex-girlfriend of mine almost got into a shouting match with her step-dad over a bit of news in the paper. She didn’t even know the guy but, according to the news report, he was beaten and tased in front of his house and his family by the police. Unnecessarily. The way her eyes lit up at the injustice of it and how she went to bat with the head of her household over it was nothing short of inspiring.

13. Sleep. I mean, come on, it’s cute when anyone sleeps. But especially when you do it.

14. Play with dogs. Or any pet, really. Women really light up about it as though their lives have been terribly lacking and the sudden appearance of this cute ass puppy was the answer to her every prayer. Not to mention the pet voice. Everyone does the pet voice. It’s like baby voice but with more gravel. I die. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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