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I’m Like, So Gay Dude

two ladies in love

Sometimes it’s actually super funny to watch acquaintances squirming to apologize after assuming we’re sisters, or to watch Mystery Method rejects stammer, searching for a cool-sounding answer to “we’re actually on a date with each other right now.”

Love Is My Christianity

Love is my Christianity. Reaching out and hugging people, despite our differences, is my Christianity. Opening myself to new perspectives and beliefs and accepting them, even if they don’t coincide with my personal values, is my Christianity. Caring about other people and their hearts is my Christianity. Celebration is my Christianity.

Somewhere Over The Rainbow: What Pride Means To The LGBTQ+ Community

We are brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, parents and grandparents. We are fat, thin, Black, White, Christian, Jewish, Muslim and everything in between. We are cops, bankers, teachers, lawyers, accountants and anything else you can think of. Because of those who came and fought before me, I get to live my life today as an out and proud Gay man.