7 New Sexy Slang Terms Everyone Should Know

In case you’ve been living under a rock, it’s pretty well known that teens in 2016 are statistically more open and educated about sexuality than any prior generation. A survey came out earlier this year reporting that today’s teens cite social media as their main source for learning about sexual and gender identity.

It’s becoming much more common for famous teens to speak out about identifying as falling somewhere on the sexual spectrum, including 14-year-old Disney Channel star Rowan Blanchard and Transparent star Emily Robinson.

One web show decided to test the sexual enlightenment of today’s teens in a fun video challenge. In the video, Amanda Montell, host of Wifey.tv’s feminist series The Dirty Word, invited Robinson to play “The Sexy Slang Challenge,” a game testing millennial vs. a Gen-Z knowledge of the latest sex and dating-related slang terms.

Now, let’s put your knowledge to the test. How many of these terms were you able to accurately define?

1. Retrosexual

The opposite of metrosexual; any male who doesn’t care about or spend money on his appearance. Alternatively, this can also refer to someone who has a love for a decade past.

2. Dating Green

The eco-friendly practice of recycling, or re-dating, former boyfriends/girlfriends, regardless of whether or not it is a terrible idea.

3. More Than One “Y”

When someone texts you using more than one “y” it means they like or have a crush on you.

Girl: Heyyyy
Boy: Hi
Girl: I like you.
Boy: I know… You used more than one “y”.

4. Manther

An older man who dates younger women. Like a “cougar.”

5. Auto-Erect

When text is auto-corrected into something sexual.

6. Usher

To take your shirt off in any situation, no matter how inappropriate, to show off your abs.

7. Feeling Drake

Feeling nostalgic or sad when thinking about an ex. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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