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100+ Celestial Names For Newborn Babies

These celestial names are perfect for couples who want to give their baby a truly unique name that speaks to something bigger than themselves. Your little girl or boy deserves an awesome moniker to match their special spirit.

Baby names are important. You want to choose something that will fit your baby boy or baby girl perfectly. That’s why it’s a great idea to use celestial baby names. Here are some heavenly celestial names for your baby:

Celestial Names And Their Meaning (A-C)

galaxy with starry night
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If you need a baby name with a strong meaning, you should use celestial names related to space and the stars. Here are a few beautiful celestial baby names:

Aerglo — This baby name refers to the natural glow of the night sky.

Alya — This is Theta Serpentis star system’s first name.

Alula — This is the first set of twin stars discovered.

Andromeda — This name refers to the Princess of Ethiopia.

Antlia — This name means air pump.

Apollo — This is the name of the Greek god of the sun, fun, and light.

Apus — This name refers to a bird of paradise.

Aquarius — This is a name, meaning water bearer.

Aquila — This name means eagle.

Ara — This is a name, meaning altar.

Archer — This refers to a creature that is half man and half Sagittarius.

Ariel — This is the name of the shiniest moon in Uranus.

Aries — This refers to a zodiac sign of a ram.

Astrid — This represents a gorgeous Goddess.

Atlas — This name represents the Greek Titan of Astronomy.

Auriga — This name refers to a charioteer.

Aurora — This is the natural phenomenon of red and green lights in the sky, called the aurora borealis or the northern lights. However, this name also has roots in Roman mythology. It represents the goddess of the sunrise.

Bianca — This is a small moon in Uranus.

Bootes — This name refers to herdsmen.

Caelum — This name refers to a graving tool.

Callisto — This is the third-largest moon in the universe.

Calypso — This is a moon personified as a Queen Nymph in Greek mythology.

Camelopardus — This is a name that means giraffe.

Cancer — This is a name that means crab.

Canes Venatici — This is a name that means hunting dogs.

Canis Major — This is a name that means big dog.

Canis Minor — This is a name that means little dog.

Capricornus — This is a name that means sea goat.

Carina — This refers to the keel of Argonauts’ ship.

Cassiopeia — This refers to the Queen of Ethiopia.

Castor — This is the name of the brightest star in the Gemini constellation

Centaurus — This is a name that means centaur.

Cephus — This name refers to the King of Ethiopia.

Cetus — This is a name that means sea monster.

Chamaeleon — This is a name that means chameleon.

Circinus — This is a name that means compasses.

Columba — This is a name that means dove.

Coma Berenices — This name refers to Berenice’s hair.

Cordelia — This is a name that refers to the inner moon of Uranus.

Corona Australis — This is a name that means southern crown.

Corona Borealis — This is a name that means northern crown.

Corvus — This is a name that means crow.

Cosmo — This name relates to the universe.

Crater — This is a baby name, meaning cup.

Crux — This is a name that means cross

Cygnus — This is a baby name, meaning swan.

Celestial Names And Meanings (D-I)

Baby girls and boys deserve a name that fits them. You can try choosing a name inspired by the stars in space. Here are a few ideas:

Delphinus — This is a name, meaning porpoise.

Dorado — This is a name, meaning swordfish.

Draco — This is a name, meaning dragon. It’s also the name of a constellation.

Elara — This is a word for the moon of Jupiter.

Equuleus — This is one of the best celestial names, meaning little horse.

Eridanus — This is a name, meaning river.

Estella — This is a name, refering to the stars.

Fornax — This is a name, meaning furnace.

Galexia — This is a name, meaning galaxy.

Gemini — This is a name, meaning twins.

Grus — This is a name, meaning crane.

Halley — This is a comet visible from Earth with the naked eye.

Hercules — Hercules is the son of Zeus.

Holmes — This is a comet. It was once thought to be the largest object in the solar system.

Horologium — This is a name, meaning clock.

Hydra — This is a name, meaning sea serpent.

Hydrus — This is a name, meaning water snake.

Celestial Names And Meanings (J-N)

milky way above body of water
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Make sure you know what a name means before you choose it. You might want to pick one meaning bright, or one that means heavenly. It’s entirely up to you!

Janus — This refers to a moon of Saturn.

Jericho — This refers to the city of the moon.

Jupiter — This is a planet named after the Roman god of thunder.

Lacerta — This is a name, meaning lizard.

Leo — This is a name, meaning lion. This is also the name of a constellation, and one of the twelve zodiac signs.

Leo Minor — This is a name, meaning little lion.

Lepus — This is a name, meaning hare.

Libra — This is a name, meaning balance.

Lupus — This is a name, meaning wolf.

Luna – This is the name of the Roman goddess of the moon.

Lynx — This is a name, meaning lynx.

Lyra — This is a name, meaning lyre or harp.

Mercury — This is the name of a planet.

Mars — This is another planet.

Mensa — TThis is a name, meaning table mountain.

Miranda — This is one of the five major moons of Uranus.

Microscopium — This is a name, meaning microscope.

Monoceros — This is a name, meaning unicorn.

Musca — This is a name, meaning fly.

Neptune — This is the name of a planet.

Norma — This refers to Carpenter’s Level.

Nova — This is the nuclear explosion of a white dwarf.

Celestial Baby Names And Meanings (O-P)

It doesn’t matter if you’re having a boy or a girl. There are plenty of heavenly names to choose from:

Oberon — This is the name of Uranus’ biggest moon.

Octans — This is one of the best celestial names, meaning octant.

Ophelia — This is a tiny moon of Uranus.

Ophiuchus — This is a name, meaning holder of serpent.

Orion — Orion is a Greek name, meaning the hunter.

Pandora — This is the moon of Saturn.

Pavo — This is a name, meaning peacock.

Pegasus — Pegasus is a winged horse.

Perseus — Perseus is a hero who saved Andromeda.

Phoebe — This is the outermost moon of Saturn for 100 years.

Phoenix — This is a name, meaning phoenix.

Pictor — This is a name, meaning easel.

Pisces — This is a name, meaning fishes.

Piscis Austrinis — This is the name of a southern fish.

Pluto — This is the name of a planet in the galaxy.

Portia — This is a moon of Uranus in space.

Puppis — This refers to the stern of the Argonauts’ ship.

Pyxis — This is the compass on the Argonauts’ ship.

Celestial Names And Meanings (R-Z)

Milky Way Galaxy wallpaper
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When naming your little one, pick a name that will be admired throughout the galaxy. Whether you’re having a son or a daughter, here are a few great celestial baby names:

Rigel — This refers to the supergiant star in the Orion constellation.

Reticulum — This is a name, meaning net.

Sagitta Arrow — This refers to the Sagittarius Archer.

Saturn — This is the name of a planet.

Samson – This is a Hebrew name, meaning like the sun.

Scorpius — This is a name, meaning Scorpion.

Sculptor — This is a name, referring to sculptor’s tools.

Scutum — This is a name, meaning shield.

Stella – This name means star.

Stellen – This is the male version of Stella, name that means star.

Seren – This is a Turkish name, meaning star.

Serpens — This is a name, meaning serpent.

Sextans — This is a name, meaning sextant.

Sirius — This is a name, meaning dog star.

Solar — This is a name, meaning the sun.

Taurus — This is a name, meaning bull.

Telescopium — This is a name, meaning telescope.

Titania — This is the largest of the Uranus moons.

Triangulum — This refers to a triangle.

Triangulum Australe — This refers to the southern triangle.

Tucana — This is a name, meaning Toucan.

Uranus — This is the name of a planet in the galaxy.

Ursa Major — This is a name, meaning big bear.

Ursa Minor — This is a name, meaning little bear.

Vela — This refers to the sail of the Argonauts’ ship.

Venus — This is the name of a planet in the galaxy.

Vega – This means falling star in Arabic. It’s a gender-neutral baby name.

Virgo — This represents a virgin.

Volans — This refers to flying fish.

Vulcan — This is the name of a hypothetical planet.

Vulpecula — This is a name, meaning fox. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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