29 Non-Americans On The American Foods They Find Disgusting

From the friendly foodies over at Reddit.

1. nicklo2k

Aerosol Cheese. Seriously America, what the fuck?

2. yeslovelost

I have to peruse the bread aisle to make sure [the bread] I’m getting doesn’t have any high fructose corn syrup or sugar listed. There is no fucking reason on the planet why we need as much sugar in everything as there is. It’s an on-going bother I have with this country.

3. protonbeamface

US chocolate or candy is pretty unpleasant to me. Hershey bars have this dusty texture (like 5 weeks after Easter when you come across an uneaten egg) and the taste isn’t very rich. Cadbury Dairy Milk used to be awesome, but Kraft bought Cadbury a couple years ago and the recipe seems to be gradually changing.

4. ColeYote

American cheese, just freakin’ terrible.

5. InquisitorVawn

Casseroles made with “cream of” anything soup. Green bean casserole, tuna casserole, mushroom casserole. I know what those Campbells soups are like, we get them over here, and the idea of using them as a constituent ingredient in a main meal makes me shudder just from the idea of the sodium bomb. Especially those casseroles that are suggested to be topped with crushed chips.

Peanut butter and jam (jelly) sandwiches I can get behind. Pumpkin pie was a revelation of awesomeness for a new dimension on what to me is normally a savoury veg. Chicken-fried steak and sausage gravy? Genius.

But the idea of those casseroles make my stomach turn every time.

[Edit]: There’s a moon pie in my kitchen that was given to me as a freebie from the US Candy import store that I get my Dr Pepper from. It’s been in there for over a month, including in weather that was over 35 degrees celsius. It looks unchanged. It terrifies me.

6. yummy_yummy_red_wine

Grits! Aussie here. I was in a diner in the south, maybe Missisippi. I asked the waitress what it was, and the look she gave me was uncertain and troubled. All I know is, the man next to me had a penchant for it, and the sound he was making while chewing was uncannily similar to that of a child slapping a bowl of porridge.

7. iceeee

That super-sweet iced Tea. Maybe that’s just a southern thing though.

8. straydog

That would be any cheap Chinese food outside of chinatown. The other thing that freaks me out about Chinese food in the west is when you get 4 people sitting around a table, each ordering an individual dish with rice, like a sweat and sour pork and rice etc. I have to stop myself from reaching over with my chopsticks and grabbing something off their plates.

9. Apple_Jews


10. movealittlecloser

Not necessarily gross, but Twizzlers are so weird. They don’t even taste like red liquorice. They taste like cardboard. I was so disappointed when I finally tried them :(

11. marcm6246

I was disgusted at the sheer size of American food when I visited Florida for the first time a couple of years back. My “small” root beer was an extra large back in Canada and my hamburger was almost the size of my head.

12. mochirehabilitation

Ketchup and eggs. (I know most Americans don’t eat eggs with ketchup.. But some people..)

13. AndreasTPC

Not exactly food, but I tasted mountain dew for the first time a few months ago. We don’t have them in my country (sweden), but I found a couple of cans in the imported aisle at my local supermarket.

It couldn’t believe how sweet it tasted. Much sweeter than the soft drinks we have here. It tasted like someone had melted some sugar and put it in a can.

The difference is probably because you use fructose instead of normal sugar.

I wouldn’t say that I was disgusted by it. I finished the can. But I don’t think I’ll buy it again.

14. tigersmadeofpaper

When I first moved here a few years back, biscuits and gravy weirded me out the most, but I have grown to enjoy it. Still looks like vomit, though.

I still can’t stomach the standard supermarket bread here. It’s so sweet. Same goes for average burger or hotdog buns.

I find Americans’ need/desire to eat sandwiches with potato chips bizarre. Where I’m from, a sandwich is a meal in and of itself — it doesn’t come with a side. And potato chips shouldn’t be a side. Ever. They’re gas station junk food. To me, it’s like getting a Snickers bar as a side.

Ranch dressing. Why don’t you people want to taste the actual salad you’re eating?

Flavouring everything with pumpkin around Fall. Pumpkin pie, ok, fine, I’ve learned to like it. Things I will never accept pumpkin in: coffee, ice cream, pancakes, doughnuts, smoothies.
Granola as a “healthy” breakfast option. It’s basically a dessert.

Taco Bell. OK, I haven’t actually tried it, but it looks so unappealing in the ads and posters in the store windows — more so than any other fast food chain — I just can’t imagine why anyone ever would. It’s not like actually good Mexican food is expensive.

One thing I think is great about American food, however, is all the regional variety. Sure, a lot of it is a bit gross and incredibly unhealthy (can’t say I enjoyed my encounter with Jello salad), but I love that you can try new things in every city and how proud people are of their local specialties. We don’t have that back in Australia, and I think we’re poorer for it.

15. TheInsaneDane

American breakfast cereal. It has all these different colours and weird tastes, and there is fucking marshmallows in some of it too. That’s not ideal for a breakfast meal. No wonder why many kids struggle with obesity.

16. aroondeep

Liquid Butter on Popcorn. Just ew.

17. Da_Panda

Even the basic foods like bread, fruits, spreadable butter and cream taste so.. blargh. So artificial and unfresh.

18. baymare

Boston baked beans and sugary meats, such as honey ham and bacon with maple syrup. Just … everything here is sweet already! The bread is sweet, the soda is a special level of sweet, ready and frozen meals are full of sugar, why would you put it in meat too? Gross.

19. raidraidraid

Cold stone creamery. Its just too much. Too much.

20. Leitz-Ordner

All those wildly colored cakes… They don’t taste good at all, just like chemicals. One can’t even associate a real flavour with them, just weird taste.

21. JediNes

Sloppy Joes. The fuck is that shit

22. Sir_Fancy_Pants

I tried something called “Candy Corn” (i think?) it was like a plasticy waxy tasting kernel of corn, and it was horrible, 1 is ok, but after 1 you just don’t want another.
Hard then mushy and tasting of wax and sugar but with no real flavour or anything tasty.

23. stowxzee

Your portion sizes are sickening. Seriously, who has over a litre of coke with their Big Mac and large fries!?

24. merry_perry

Marshmallow salads. Why would you even? My cousin was served one in Detroit and wasn’t sure if the hosts were joking or not. He’s still not sure.

25. potatan

In around 2000 I was in Florida and went to a Burger King. The salt packet for the fries listed its ingredients as “sodium chloride; dextrose”.

I kept that for years as an example of, perhaps, how obesity has become a real problem. You put sugar on your chips, instead of vinegar.

26. [deleted]

I’d say tomato soup. Seriusly, that’s just watered down ketchup.

27. dalaidennis

I find Corndogs extremely weird as a European

28. TinyCooper

I don’t remember what it’s called, but that spreadable marshmallow stuff.

29. IAmManMan

When I visited a couple years ago, one of the diners I had breakfast at (Wendy’s? Denny’s? Something like that) was promoting a bacon smoothie.
I mean come on! Seriously?


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