5 Steps To Get Your Doctor To Prescribe You Xanax

Sarah Miller
Sarah Miller

1. Make an appointment for a routine physical or some other minor issue. A few good ones are: A mole you want him to check out, or a little acid indigestion.

2. If you make the appointment for a physical, make sure you don’t have any other drugs in your system, as he will most likely take a urine sample for general testing.

3. At the end of the visit he is going to ask you if everything else is going ok, or if you have any other questions and/or concerns.

4. Casually bring up that you have a terrible fear of flying and you’re worried because you’ll be going on 2 or 3 business trips to Europe over the next few months. Then ask him if there is anything you can take for the flight to help with the extreme panic you feel during the take-offs and landings.

5. Go pick up your Xanax prescription at the pharmacy. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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