How To Get Your Doctor To Prescribe You Adderall In 5 Easy Steps

Tell your doctor that it was your parents or significant other’s idea for you to reach out for help regarding your concentration issues. If it wasn’t even your idea in the first place, how could you be there just to get medication?

1. Bring up that you’ve been talked to at work about your lack of productivity and that although it was never stated, you feel like you’ve been dismissed from other jobs in the past due to similar issues.

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2. Say that you’re really against medication and you only want to use it as a last resort. This will make it feel like it was your doctor’s idea in the first place.

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3. Say that you’re really embarrassed about having to go through this and it’s why you haven’t reached out for help sooner.

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4. Never mention any past drug use, eating disorders, depression, or sleeping issues. These are all deal breakers.

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5. And last but not least, make sure you keep looking all around the room, ask your doctor to repeat himself at least 5 times, and pick-up something in his office and play with it. Just trust me.

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Side Note: If you aren’t good at playing the innocent victim, you could also take the “I was on it in the past but I tried life without it and I can’t accomplish anything” approach. It’s a little bit more risky but it requires less of a performance. TC mark


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  • Connor

    So true. All I said was I’m lacking motivation, concentration, and memory. I was out the door with 50 milligram instant release tabs. Unfortunately it was the biggest mistake I ever made. I wish I never started taking Adderall.

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