15 Red Flags That Let You Know Your Man Will Be Successful


Just because he isn’t successful yet, doesn’t mean he isn’t going to be in the future. Learn how to spot the signs of greatness early on.

1. He has nothing to hide – He has no qualms about leaving you alone in his apartment when he leaves to go work.

2. He shows little to no doubt in what he wants — He doesn’t have time to play games.

3. He makes decisions quickly — Because he has a plan, even seemingly difficult choices are made fast.

4. He can see the forest through the trees — He is constantly developing visions for the future.

5. He doesn’t get lost in the details — Yet always manages to remember the important ones.

6. He has clearly defined values and never compromises them — Not even for you.

7. He is constantly finding ways to add value – Every person in his life serves a purpose and enhances his chance of success.

8. He believes nothing is impossible – He maintains the notion that what he can imagine he can create.

9. He has no misgivings about leaving people — He is an advocate of the “only the strong survive mentality.”

10. He can’t always respond to your calls and texts immediately — But when he does, it was worth the wait!

11. He learns from his past but he never dwells on it — He will reference mistakes he has made and how he has learned from them.

12. He’s into girls who work hard, not play hard to get — They are attracted to women who work and play as hard as they do.

13. He has the ability to focus on what’s in front of him — When he’s at work its work, but when he’s at home its you!

14. People either love him or hate him and he returns the favor — (and he’s OK with it because he feels the same way about everybody else).

15. He goes all in – He goes all in with everything he does because he doesn’t know any other way of operating. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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