This Is What Each Zodiac Sign Should Have Healed In 2019

It’s hard to tell someone what they should have done. Personally, I’ve been taught to do the best that you know how. If that’s what you’ve done, then congratulations! You’ve made it through another year, and that may have not been easy for everyone. You made it. Congratulations, just remember that you made it through another year, and you can make it through another one.

What should you have done through 2019 though? That’s hard to answer. Based on your zodiac sign, we may have a few answers for you.

Aries: You’ve accomplished a lot, and you’re proud of yourself, you have the right to be! You need to let everyone know, don’t you? No, you really don’t. Your pride in yourself is beautiful, it’s an amazing trait, but sometimes it can wear down the people around you. This year, you should have healed yourself of needing the validation of others. You know you kick ass, you don’t need other people to tell you.

Taurus: Your stubbornness has always gotten the better of you, and it’s caused issues in both your personal and professional life. Your mind should be more open by the end of this year. It’s difficult to change your ways. Sometimes, you seem passive-aggressive if others don’t think exactly the way you do. You’re learning, and it’s not an overnight process, but you’re doing better! You’ve recognized that there are other ways of thinking and not everyone is going to be just like you.

Gemini: Your other half has needed some drastic healing. No, not your significant other, but your twin, sweet Gemini. Gemini’s have been known as the twins- part of you needed some time to recover. You’ve needed to work on yourself for years, and this was it. This was your year to heal what you needed. You’ve finally realized that you aren’t alone, even if you are physically. Your other face is finally matching your beautiful spirit.

Cancer: This year, your emotions have been on a rollercoaster ride, haven’t they? Maybe they’ve taught you that you have value. You’ve always needed to know that, you’ve needed to value yourself You’ve healed your need for others validation. You should be able to look in the mirror now and see that you are beautiful, you’re wanted, you’re loved, and you’re cherished. The past is in the past, it is no longer impacting your life. You’ve learned that you can let go of things and walk forward.

Leo: Vanity has held you back for so long. You’ve always been the center of attention and have always thrived to keep the eyes on you. Much like other signs on this list, you’ve realized that the best attention you could ask for is yourself. You don’t need the validation of others, you need to validate yourself. You’ve learned you don’t need to be the center of attention – even if you like it. Be proud to see others shining in the spotlight for a change. It’s good for both of you.

Virgo: Not everything has to be perfect. Not everything is going to be perfect. You now know that you don’t need to hold onto everything – it doesn’t need to be perfect. Sure, some things need to be pretty spot-on, but they don’t need to be completely flawless. After all, nothing is perfect. You should have healed your need to criticize others because as you’ve learned in yourself, you’ve learned in others. Not everything needs to be perfect.

Libra: The Gemini is the two-faced one, right? Then why is the Libra so superficial? They’re not trying to be two-faced, but they want to keep everyone happy. You’ve changed around your interests and personality traits to match those around you, but you were never happy that way, were you? It must’ve gotten hard to keep track of. You’re lovable as you! You have learned that you don’t have to change your personality, you don’t have to change what you are to appease the world. You should have healed your need to keep everyone in the universe happy and to focus on yourself. People-pleasing leads to nothing but conflict.

Scorpio: Looking for a hidden meaning in everything, well, sometimes it annoys people. There’s not a sweet way to put this, it can get freaking annoying. Sometimes people say or do something, and there’s not a secret meaning behind it, you don’t need to search so deeply. Maybe you’ve seen that now- overthinking will be the death of you. You’ve seen that not everyone is out to get you and sometimes your paranoia is just that. Paranoia. It doesn’t mean anything.

Sagittarius: Searching for knowledge isn’t always a bad thing. In fact, it’s a rather noble thing. It may make you feel powerful. You sometimes have let this drive you, you’ve let it chase away friendships for the sake of being “right”. You’re not always right, and this may put a strain on your relationships, even (especially) the platonic ones. You know now that you need to speak with people, not at people. Other people are going to have different viewpoints, and that’s okay. Not everyone needs to agree with you. Be proud that you’ve learned that.

Capricorn: You’re strict, you’re a hard worker, and sometimes you have a stone-cold demeanor. It can be hurtful to others. You should have healed your inability to differentiate work and relationship life. You now know not everything has to be completely made of stone. It’s okay to relax a little bit and let things slide. You’re good at what you do – but sometimes you need to take a deep breath and allow yourself to relax.

Aquarius: Yeah, yeah, we get it. You’re independent, you’re different, you’re just oh so unique and you need everyone to know it. Sometimes maybe shut your mouth. Not everyone needs to know (or cares) about your different viewpoints. Sometimes people just want to have a normal conversation without you playing devil’s advocate all the time. You are genuinely unique and it’s a beautiful thing. But you’re learning, and you’ve successfully dialed it back a few notches. Take pride in the fact that people can love your weird little self but maybe just not quite as much when you’re hamming up everything.

Pisces: Living in your own world isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s easy to, especially with a sign as sensitive as a Pisces. The best thing to heal is to find others that are willing to help you manifest your dreams and thoughts into reality. Not everything has to be a fairy tale and you don’t always have to live in Wonderland. You can get through life without tucking yourself away, and finding the people that know how to help you reach that is the most healing thing you’ve done for yourself.

For all the signs though, never forget, if you’ve made it through this year, you’ve done an amazing job all on your own. You’ve done the best thing you can do. You may have lost people, gained people, been around others, moved, switched jobs, but you’ve kept putting one foot in front of the other. Congratulations!

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