How You Will Inevitably Screw Up This 2018, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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This year seems to be a good year for you, Aries. The stars predict that you’ll be all fired up in order to finally achieve your dreams. Your ambitious, spitfire drive may lead you to burning yourself out.


2018 should be the year where you drastically improve your life in terms of your inner self. Being the stubborn bull that you are, you might ruin this year for yourself by being too unwavering and inflexible to be actually self-aware.


This is a torrid year for you! So many fast-paced changes will happen that even you will barely be able to keep up. As much as you enjoy when things are dynamic, be sure to take some time to reevaluate yourself and your bearings. Learn from your errors this 2017. If you don’t, you might overlook crucial details and commit big mistakes this year—especially in the workplace.


After a period of questionable fortune, 2018 may just be the year you finally begin to shine. The stars are lined up to help you in whatever aspect of your life that needs repairing. If you allow your insecurities, doubts, and moodiness to cloud your judgment you might miss your chance for a fresh start.


At last! The year has come for you to shed your old skin, cut off anything negative which has been burdening you, and blossom into the strong individual you always were. This is a golden year for lions. But you will still mess up when you – predictably – allow your impatience to work against you. There’ll be moments where you’ll fail to think and plan carefully before acting.


2018 is a mixed bag for you. You’ll have both good and bad days. Since you’re such a stickler for quality, you’ll self-destruct by not being able to appreciate your positive moments, and by dwelling completely on the negative bits.


“Love yo’ self!” should be your motto this year. 2018 will cast the spotlight on you, making people naturally drawn to your presence. There will be a lot of individuals looking up to you – so much so that they will nag you for advice and guidance. Things will go awry for you when you procrastinate focusing on yourself, and when the popularity gets to your head.


You’ll be incredibly intense and dominant this 2018. It’ll be tough to get you to slow down and smell the roses, since you’ll constantly have your eyes on the prize. Your aggressiveness and energy will turn off some people. Chill!


You’re faster than the speed of light! You’re not one to waste time this year. Whether there are tasks to be accomplished with regards to family, love, health, or career—you’re gonna get it done. However, you’ll screw up when you’re suddenly absolutely exhausted. You will overlook vital information and end up investing in something that’ll cost you later on.


If you don’t have a clear and level head then you won’t step out of this new year unscathed. Impatience will lead you to make hasty and uninformed decisions, which will result in your anxiety levels rising. Obsessing too much about your failings might end in you becoming stuck in a negative position.


With so many exciting, unfamiliar things happening around you, you might be tempted to take seemingly fun risks just for the heck of it. There’s a chance you will overcompensate and over-complicate things for yourself. Be more grounded and calm.


Normally, you’re a very thoughtful person, Pisces. But 2018 will be a busy year for you, and this may mean that you’re so set on a project that you forget everything else. You’ll fuck up when you take something (or someone) for granted. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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