19 Pieces Of Advice You’ll Need To Make It Through Your 20s

1. Knowing what you don’t want can often be more valuable than knowing what you do want.

2. Despite what it looks like on someone’s Facebook or Twitter, no one has it figured out. We’re all just slapping things against a wall and seeing what sticks.

3. Beating yourself up about a mistake you made is only going to make you more inclined to do it again. Just accept that it happened and move on.

4. If someone is behaving strangely and there seems to be no explanation for it, look to alcohol and drugs!

5. Don’t burn bridges in your professional life. You never know when you might need them later on.(Douchey but real.)

6. Don’t sleep with someone who makes you feel like dirt. Don’t try to get skinny or take garcinia to change yourself because you can’t change them. If you’re dating a jerk, you should dump them and then try to figure out why you’re attracted to jerks in the first place.

7. Don’t spend on an overpriced car. A clunker is almost always better for a first car for financial, safety and practice reasons – and you should consider a car buying guide before you go off and sign a lease that’ll consume most of your income for the next 3 years.

8. Anxiety can work in two ways: It can act as your biggest motivator or keep you frozen. Always strive for the former.

9. It’s important that you advocate for yourself in both your work and personal life. No one’s going to care more about you than yourself.

10. Always make sure to treat your parents with respect to make up for the years of hell you put them through as an adolescent. (Unless, of course, your parents are awful. In which case, screw them and make your own family.)

11. Jealousy is a useless emotion. Turn into something more productive. Let it push you to get ahead.

12. If you’re feeling depressed and you’re not sure why, there’s a 70% chance you just need to leave your apartment and be social.

13. Some of the people in this world are parasites just looking to suck you dry. Identify them and get them the hell out of your life.

14. Loving yourself — especially during such a rollercoaster of a decade — is going to be your biggest challenge, but in the end, it will be worth it. Prioritize the relationship you have with yourself over everything else.

15. The only good reason to go into debt is for traveling. Not Isabel Marant boots or expensive groceries.

16. Every relationship means something, even the ones that were so incredibly awful and painful. (Especially those.)

17. It doesn’t matter if you’re not currently where you want to be in your life. What matters is that you’re actively trying to achieve your goals rather than getting defeated.

18. Appreciate what it means to be young. As much as someone can anyway.

19. Love as much as you can. Don’t become scared of it. Don’t let a bad experience close you off for good.

BONUS: Those who give good advice are usually the most insane messes of them all. Just sayin’.

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TC Mark

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